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10 ways to have fun in offices

It’s important to have fun at work. Do you know that having fun and humor in the workplace helps to increase camaraderie and increase productivity among employees? Having fun at work also helps to unleash employees’ creativity for the workplace too.

Here are 10 ideas to help you have fun at work!

1) Decorating the workplace

Allowing employees to decorate their desk will definitely help to increase employees productivity and increase their sense of belonging to the company. By allowing them to personalize their workspace with stuff (family photos, flowers etc), they will feel happier and more at home too!

2) Create art together

Art can be therapeutic. Organise an Art Jamming session with a team building company. Work together as a team to create an art piece. The final art piece can be hung on the office wall for everyone to appreciate!

3) Have regular non-business related meetings

Once a month, the different departments or teams can have a gathering to learn a new skill together or just have a meal together. This will help employees bond and improve their communication skills. This can also help employees get out of their comfort zone too!

4) Have a “Fun” Committee

Form a “Fun” committee consisting of representatives from different departments. The committee will be in charge of organizing monthly fun activities for the employees. The members of the committee should be rotated regularly to ensure that everyone has a chance to plan and organize the activities.

5) Celebrate Employees Birthday & Work Anniversaries 

Celebrate birthdays every month! Have cake, ice cream and food for everyone in the office! Prepare a surprise gift for the birthday boy/girl too!

6) Celebrate Holidays together

Celebrate the holidays together as an office! Different teams can rotate to be in charge of different holidays celebrations.

7) Start an employee of the month wall 

Allocate a wall at the office to display fun photos of the employees. It would also be fun to ask employees to dress according to different themes and take candid photos of them. The photos will be then hung on the wall for all to see and enjoy!

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