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3 Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Terrarium

With the multiple posts on our blog, I think it’s no secret by now that we are huge advocates of owning Terrariums. Honestly, what’s not to love? There are multiple reasons why more and more people not only in Singapore, but also around the world, are getting their hands on these mini forests enclosures. If you’re still unsure of what Terrariums are ( ahem, what exactly are you doing with your life? ), let me give you a crash course. They’re essentially plants held in a glass jar that is mainly used for decorative or ornamental purposes. Yes, it’s that simple and is no rocket science.

Today, we’re particularly targeting those who belong to the unconvinced crowd. If Terrariums do not appeal to you yet, we’re here to change that.

  1. Terrarium is Beneficial For Our Health, Mentally and Physically

This is probably the biggest factor in why many people are placing Terrariums around their offices or homes. As Terrariums are plants in a self-sustaining ecosystem, they generate fresh, breathable air which is highly beneficial for us humans, especially for those who live in busy cosmopolitan cities like Singapore. Fresh air allows us to think more clearly and be more productive, yet calms our mind at the same time. They have also been scientifically-proven to release stress and anxiety and lower heart rate levels. Talk about a one-stop shop for wellness, huh?

2. Terrariums is Low-Maintenance

For us decor freaks, plants are always the go-to piece to instantly spruce up the interior. However, for real-life plants, they’re not exactly hassle-free considering that we have to water them on a consistent basis. For those who may not have the time to dedicate a schedule into doing so may find a complication to take care of their plants. Now with Terrariums you have no such worries. As they’re self-sustaining, they practically take care of themselves! Of course, you still have to play your part in ensuring that your plants last long. We have written a full guide on that.

3. Terrarium is a Great Decor Piece

As mentioned above, Terrariums make for great decorative pieces for any occasion. During Christmas, it is rather common to see people hanging Terrariums on their Christmas trees, giving it a fun twist to the standard ornaments. For normal days, placed Terrariums either on desks or shelves to make it a statement piece and stand out from the crowd. What’s great about Terrarium Singapore is that we fully-encouraged our participants to express themselves creatively through designing their very own Terrarium. This is why we are the only events company in Singapore to offer Figurine collections as to provide a platform for participants to get crafty and explore their artistic side.