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4 Reasons Why You need A Terrarium

Have you ever felt that potted plants occupied too much space in the house and offices? Or that you have the itch to create something you could call your very own creation? The terrarium is an innovative green decor to the modern day constraints, and the possibilities are endless, coming in different styles, shapes, and sizes.  Here are 4 reasons if you are not already convinced to have a terrarium.

  1. Activate your creative juices

You should have probably seen lots of terrariums by now, if you haven’t, there is one right below and I must admit it is a display of terrarium at its finest. The building of a terrarium is akin to that of painting a drawing, and you are the artist. You decide what materials are used, what plant is grown, whether it is an open or closed terrarium, and after designing the masterpiece, you get to appreciate your own handiwork every single day. A one of a kind marvel that only its maker can lay their eyes on, and for the rest of the world, they will be green with envy, only able to witness your amazing creation through Instagram.

  1. Maintenance?

Now you must be thinking, “But if I keep it, do I have to take care of it? Will it turn out to be a growing pain?” Much to contrary belief, the terrarium is a self-sustaining ‘pet’, it rarely asks for any attention. Just a spray of water weekly for even the most ‘thirsty’ terrarium will suffice.

  1. A great team-building activity

You don’t have to do it alone. Building terrariums together can be a fun experience with a wonderful byproduct at the end for you to take home. Learning a new art as a team can help bond the group together, giving everyone a common but special experience as every terrarium is uniquely hand-made by each and every one. The activity allows people to talk to one another to enjoy each other’s company while still engaged in the activity. And then have a good laugh at the end of the day when someone’s terrarium goes terribly awry. Rest assured, at The Fun Empire, every terrarium is quality ensured.

  1. Spread the green around

While terrariums definitely are not the cure for global warming, it is still a joy to see more green scattered around our concrete jungle. And to reduce your carbon footprint, old, unused and recycled materials could be used while making your terrariums. I call this a breath of fresh air in unwanted objects. Not only do you not dump the coffee jug or plastic bottle, you even grow plants in it! What a way to save the environment! Or maybe you just want a mini- garden in your own room. Whatever the reason, a terrarium has its appeal to be relevant to everyone.  Try it out now with The Fun Empire!