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4 Things Kids Learn From Terrarium Making

We often hear that everything should start from young. Some common examples include teaching kids good manners and treating others equally. Besides, it is also their prime age where they pick up on things quickly. So why not teach them about nature through terrariums? Here are 4 simple things kids can get out of terrarium making!

  1. Learn the life cycle of plants

In Singapore, kids would normally learn about the life cycle of plants at Primary 3. But why wait? It is always good to start educating kids from young so they will be experts later. The life cycle of plants is simple to learn and there is no better way to do so than to witness it for themselves. As kids are also visual learners, they will remember and grasp the idea better with something to look at. With terrariums, gardening is made easy for everyone! Kids can observe the plants they grew bud from seeds to an actual plant.

  1. Care for the Earth

Another life lesson terrarium will bring to kids is learning how important it is to care for the Earth. Even if it as simple as watering your terrarium each week, it will teach kids about responsibility in ways that they would respond well to. Take terrariums as an example of Earth where it comprises of basic resources such as sun, water, and nutrients. By doing this, kids will learn and understand that Earth needs people to care for them too.

  1. Interact with nature

Additionally, terrariums will allow kids to interact with nature. It teaches how plants and animals are able to interact similarly to the world. You can do so by including extra items such as small animals on top of the plants and soil in the terrarium. This shows that all living things are using the same resources and there needs to be some form of sharing to keep everything in balance.

  1. Encourages creativity

Many see a terrarium as just a mini garden. However, there is more to that than just assembling plants together. There are also a few important elements that terrarium will teach kids – patience, foresight, and vision. It allows kids to be creative with designing their terrariums. From choosing the rocks to the figurines and plants, kids will definitely enjoy customising their mini garden. Furthermore, this will give kids a sense of achievement for completing something on their own.