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How can plants improve your workplace?

Do you know that plants help to freshen up our air and bringing some greens to office will help improve employee satisfaction and productivity?

  1. Plants help decrease stress and enhance productivity
    Many studies have shown that having plants indoor help to reduce stress levels in working environment. Plants are generally more colorful and relaxing. Research also shows that when there are plants in office, employees’ blood pressure was lower. Many other research studies have also produced evidence that productivity increased among office workers.
  2. Plants = Fresh air

    Do you know that office buildings have almost 10 times more air pollutants than the air outside? Poor air quality in an office can lead to multiple health problems such as headaches, asthma and throat irritation. By just introducing 1 plant per 3 employees, the air quality of the office can be increased. Having plants in office help to remove many harmful air pollutants and stabilize humidity levels. With the right plants, the need for air con can also be greatly reduced too.
  3.  Plants = Lower Noise Levels
    Many offices use plants to help reduce noise pollution along highways. Placing plants in areas with hard surfaces, it will help absorb noises that can be distracting to employees. Thus, having the right plants will help employees concentrate better on their work.
  4. Enhance Office Appearance

    With multiple plants around the office, it will help the work environment look healthier and more vibrant. It will also make the office space more visually appealing to employees who work there every day too!
  5. Reduce Sickness & Absence
    By having plants in office, employees absenteeism can be reduced by up to 50%! With the right office plants, it will provide a more welcoming place for both employees and clients. Book a terrarium session with The Fun Empire now! Terrarium Singapore prices start from only $22/pax. The Fun Empire has multiple terrarium packages for different group sizes too!