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How to Enjoy Your Terrarium Team Builiding Session

Every great team building session has its own unique points on how its conducted. Bubble Bump’s highlight will be very different from that of the Terrarium’s highlight. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we hope that through our team building session, your team will emerge from the activity with more team spirit than ever. So here are the key elements to take note of in a terrarium team building session.

1. Check for Suitability

Terrariums may not be everybody’s cup of tea; nothing is everybody’s cup of tea. Check with everyone first if possible if everyone is agreeable to doing terrarium for this team building session. You can even introduce a system where different staff in the office takes a turn to choose the teambuilding session for the office. This way everyone has a say, making it more enjoyable for everyone knowing that even if this round doesn’t suit their taste, they will have one soon which they can make the plans for it.

2. Talk, laugh and build

One of the greatest perks of a creative team building session is that there is now suddenly a whole lot of time to talk with your colleagues. While you are still actively constructing your terrarium, yet your hands are now free to mingle with your colleagues. A teambuilding occasion only serves its purpose with communication between the staff and the terrarium team building enables that. We like to purport that the terrarium is less significant than the bonds forged/ strengthened in the team building session.

3. Active Participation

Sometimes team building organizers are worried that its staff are not engaged. Some staff tends to feel draggy, unreceptive to the game/ program. Not with terrarium making – People work for rewards that they know is attainable. Now we present them with the possibility of a beautiful terrarium that they can bring home so long as they put in the effort to make it. It is very rare to see people unmotivated in the face of a great objective, a terrarium to show off to everyone, especially through Instagram.

4. Story Telling

A terrarium session most team building moment is the storytelling moment. As you go through each and everyone’s story behind the inspiration for their terrarium. There will be some very moving story or just some, which you can empathize. These are usually stories about your colleagues whom will help you understand and thus appreciate them more over the course of this team building session. You can see your colleague’s greatest worries or happiness. Like how the mom in your office puts 3 rabbits to represent three of her beloved daughters constantly on her mind or even the guy that puts a sleeping cat because that is his favourite hobby. You get to know your colleagues better with the terrariums that speak for them.

I hope after reading this you will know that terrarium team building sessions are unique in the experience it provides, and this may be what you are looking for in this team building session. If you are keen, click here to book a package with us today!