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How To Promote More Creativity In Your Workplace

Creativity is one key component in the workplace. There is a need for a constant flow of ideas to ensure that the company is always up to date, especially for design-centred industries or publications. Without creativity in the workplace, your company will definitely lag behind others and employees will find it hard to keep up. However, how do you promote more creativity in your workplace? Here are 5 activities you can explore to get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Terrarium Making

Terrariums not only look nice, they are also a whole lot of fun to make! Terrariums serve as a great way to train your patience, and are unique decorations for your desk and office space. After all, no two terrariums are exactly the same! Research has also shown that these plants have restorative and calming effects on us. By calming down your mind and focusing on the little details of your terrarium, we’re sure that terrarium making will get your creativity flowing!

  1. Perfume Making

Scent is very personal, and everyone has their own unique scent. Therefore, it would make perfect sense for you to want to customise your own perfume that you wear every day! Perfume making workshops allow you to do exactly that! From citrus, floral, fresh, woody, and oriental scents, you have the choice of choosing from different combinations of essential oils to create your own unique scent. Such hands-on sessions are a great way to enhance your creativity as you’re able to personalise your own perfume down to the last drop!

  1. Cooking Classes

There’s no better way of enhancing creativity than cooking classes! You get to control every detail from the amount of seasoning and garnishing to add into your dish, to the way your dish is plated! All that’s missing is the cleaning up to do after you finish cooking! Furthermore, cooking classes are all-inclusive – everyone can participate regardless of fitness level and age. It can foster interactions and teamwork amongst your team members!

  1. Leather Crafting

If you’re a fan of all things leather, you’d definitely be interested in this workshop! Get your craft on in a do-it-yourself session and craft your very own passport holder, card holder, key holder, or hand pouch! This leather crafting workshop will keep your creative juices flowing by allowing you to take control of the little details such as the design of your object. If you’re not familiar with the tools, do not fret as there will be experienced professionals to guide you along the way!

  1. Art Jamming

Dreaming of being the next Picasso? Here’s your chance to do so with art jamming! The workshop allows you to unleash your creativity by painting whatever you want on a large canvas! Art jamming has also been shown to be a therapeutic experience that can help you relax from a tiring week of work while you create your own masterpiece.

However, if you are looking for some sweaty, high-energy fun, do check out our other activities that can help foster better teamwork such as Bubble Soccer, Combat Archery Tag, Saber Tag or Poolball!