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Plants For Better Mental Health?

I think it’s no secret by now that Terrariums have a therapeutic effect, and are thus beneficial for our health. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why we, and many others, constantly recommend everyone to own a Terrarium or placed it indoors. Considering there’s a recent rise of Singaporeans suffering from mental health issues, Terrariums could prove to be one of the simplest ways to combat the problem. It has also been scientifically-proven by many sources that Terrariums, or plants in general, play a crucial role in improving mental health. Here are the few reasons why;

  • Relieve Anxiety

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand when we’re living in such a fast-paced society like Singapore. As such, most Singaporeans are no strangers to encountering these issues. Terrariums are a self-sustaining ecosystem, and generates fresh breathable air on a daily basis, which allows us to clear our minds better and restore inner calm. When placed either at home or in the office, Terrariums provide a sense of greenery, and as we have been told many times, the colour green instils feelings of tranquillity. All these help ensure that you’re taking care of your health, both physically and mentally.

  • Provoke Positive Emotions

As mentioned above, green is a colour that instantly creates a comforting environment. When it comes to crafting your Terrariums, we provide additional materials such as coloured sands and rocks which not only allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind Terrarium, but also these colours contribute to provoking more positive emotions. Blue represents calm and peace, pink for love and caring, and yellow for optimism and happiness. Whatever colours you used in the Terrariums, it will influence your mood and contribute to creating your desired emotion. 

  • Encourage Productivity

Believe it or not. Plants aids in increasing levels of concentration and attention, thus stimulating your brain and pushing you to be more productive. This is why plants are placed in classrooms and or offices, as to ensure that people are constantly inspired. Being productive allows you to take your mind off away from negativity, and to achieve more tasks which would no doubt make you feel accomplished.