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The Garden City Story

Singapore is often dubbed as a clean and green city, but how did it come to be what it is today. We love the greenery we have in Singapore and it did not come about without hard work and a dedicated will. For today, let’s take a road down memory lane to recall and appreciate the present Garden City that we have today.

Mr Lee Kwan Yew, we have to thank him for what we have today. He had the foresight to distinctively dream a future that Singapore will one day become a world-class city; and in order to separate it from the rest of the world, the greenery in the city could be a vital component. Not only did Mr Lee lay the groundwork for developing a green Singapore, he followed up on it fervently. He even personally picks out the creepers that would grow and cover the overhead flyovers and bridges. I bet you didn’t know our former Prime Minister was this dedicated to his green projects.

Today we have racked up a lot of accomplishment with regards to being a green city. One of Singapore’s most popular tourist locations is the Gardens by the Bay, which is not even a natural garden by any means. Thus all the more incredible that it has now become a world famous tourist spot. Moreover, there are spots all over the city, which we have conserved as a natural reserve such as Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Coney Island. Even our city areas are all populated to the brim with plants. The title of the urban jungle for us is truly befitting our look.

Mr Lee’s attitude towards building a garden city for Singapore has diffused to the rest of us Singaporeans. Many of us today are finding different methods in our own small ways to add some flora landscape into our lives. We all have that plant enthusiast who transforms the corridors of the HDB into a real jungle. Companies even opt for a terrarium teambuilding experience instead of the more orthodox options because of the green prize they get to bring home with them after that. We also have communities who live in the same vicinity deciding to set up an area to grow different vegetation plants near the HDB blocks. There is no doubt Singapore has developed a love for plants and learned to live hand in hand with them.

There are so many benefits of having greenery in our city and around your vicinity. Research has shown that walking in parks or green spaces can make you happier thus boosting your mental health. Succulents and Cacti, both popular terrarium choices are special in that they produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide at night. This makes them good for refreshing the air in your room at night as you sleep soundly. In a study by the Agricultural University of Norway, people fell ill less easily by 60% just because of the presence of plants in the office. These plants really do work miracles like a vaccination or medicine of sorts.

So if you feel like doing your bit for Singapore’s reputation as a garden city or even just for your own personal enjoyment, a terrarium can kick-start your new journey to go green.