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Ways To Spice Up Your Terrariums

Even though our Terrarium-Making Workshop prioritizes heavily on strengthening team dynamic, we also make certain in providing a non-judgemental environment where participants are fully encouraged and nurtured to hone their artistic capabilities. As such, our Workshop also functions as an art class where everyone, regardless of their age or level of creative ability, could have a jolly good time bonding with their friends or colleagues over nature.

Due to the aesthetic attributes of Terrarium, they are commonly used as decorative or ornamental purposes. Placed it either on the shelves or desks in offices or homes to instantly add a natural touch to the interior. During the Holiday season, Terrariums could also be hung on Christmas trees as unconventional ornaments, or packaged as gifts to your loved ones or even to yourself as a mini treat.

Terrariums are not only undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, but they also possess a multitude of benefits which made it popular among the old and young. Building a Terrarium is incredibly simple as all you have to do is add earthly elements such as soil, rocks and succulents into a glass container. However, there are a number of ways, or may I say a number of items, you can incorporate to spark creativity and uniqueness in ensuring that your Terrariums stand out from the crowd.

  • Include Figurines

Do you know that Terrarium Singapore is the only craft/DIY Workshop provider in the country to offer a selection of Figurine collections? Well yes! As we wanted our Terrarium-Making Workshop to appeal to larger and more diverse audiences, we have decided to come up with various Figurine themes. For example, our Love Collection would be a suitable option for couples while our Cartoon Collection would surely be favoured by children. In fact, for this Holiday season, Terrarium Singapore would be hosting the first-ever Christmas-themed Terrarium Workshop, featuring a Festive Collection showcasing characters from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

In our Terrarium-Making Workshop, participants are able to select up to 3 Figurines. As such, be it inspired from real-life architecture or from films, everyone has the creative freedom to decorate and design their Terrariums to any scenic landscape of their preference.

  • Sprinkle on Coloured Sand

After layering on the soil and setting down the succulents, plants and rocks, simply sprinkle on some coloured sand to instantly enliven and add personal character to your Terrarium. Colours have been scientifically-proven to impact our emotions and behaviours, so go ahead and explore your creative side by experimenting with various colours that make you feel happy, energetic, calm and much more! You can also be more avant-garde by creating specific designs or patterns with your coloured sand, which would no doubt give your Terrarium an edge over the others! When sprinkling on the sand, do take note to avoid the area surrounding the plant.

  • Design Your Jars

Here at The Fun Empire, we would supply you with a glass container to hold your Terrariums. However, you can think out of the box by coming up with unconventional ways to make your jars stand out from the crowd. Whether you would prefer to placed strings or patterned tapes to design your glass jars, Terrariums are incredibly non-fussy and would not be affected if you decide to decorate the exterior. However, let’s not forget plants do require sunlight at the end of the day so make sure that the container remains transparent.