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What is a Terrarium?

Perhaps you’ve seen various stores selling these green plants in jars. Or you’ve seen countless images of these glass-caged plants on the Internet. Either way, the terrarium trend has hit Singapore, and in recent years, has seen a surge in vendors selling them. So exactly what is a terrarium and what is so great about it?

Interestingly, terrariums have been around for years. It is not a recent fad! In fact, the very first version of a terrarium was formed in 500BC, where plants were kept in bell-shaped glass jars to be showcased. It was only in the 19th century that an English doctor discovered how plants could grow in an enclosed environment when he was studying a cocoon in one, and noticed a healthy plant within that same jar.

One could think of terrariums as a self-sustaining aquarium for plants. Terrariums can either be sealed or open, and the great thing about them is that they do not need constant attention. In fact, at times, especially for sealed terrariums, it would be better to neglect a terrarium so that the plants can grow better!

Various benefits of having a terrarium have led to its comeback in recent years. Of course, one of the great benefits of having a terrarium is that you can have yourself a mini garden for extremely low-maintenance, considering the fact that they hardly need to be watered. This means never worrying about your plant dying if you forgot to water it that day! Sounds too convenient to be true, but for once, convenience wins.

Furthermore, terrariums are small. This is great because we will never have to worry about not having enough space to have a garden. Space constraints definitely pose a limitation, especially in urban societies like Singapore. Having a terrarium lets you have the best of both worlds – a mini garden inside your home!

Another great thing about a terrarium is that you are able to make one yourself. This process stimulates creativity – you can choose what you want to put inside your terrarium, and also choose what kind of plants you would like to grow. Of course, certain plants grow better in sealed terrariums, while other grow better in open terrariums. If you do want to give terrarium making a shot, sign up here!

While it might not make sense to say that terrariums contribute to health benefits, scientific studies have proven otherwise. Plants are said to have myriad of positive effects on one’s psychological health, such as increasing productivity and attentiveness, improving reactions and in general overall well-being. It is even said to lower blood pressure.

So the next time you feel like doing something interesting, sign up for a terrarium making class and don’t forget to bring some friends along! Unleash your creativity and take home a mini garden that will definitely spruce up your life.