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Why It’s Important To Embrace Nature

Recently, Sir David Attenborough, the well-known and respectable British naturalist, stated this at the World Economic Forum: “Care for the natural world. Not only care for the natural world, but treat it with a degree of respect and reverence”. At a time when global warming is prevalent throughout the world, we should take a look and revise our thoughts on living in a highly-industrialized and fast-paced society. Singapore is a good example of that. Most of our lives involve heading in and out of the office, sitting at our desks, staring at the computer screens and looking down at our phones. Even though there is a clear emphasis of including greenery into our lives, the city is still covered with skyscrapers, making an escape to nature rather difficult. Not to mention our lifestyles don’t make it any easier. It’s no secret that nature is beneficial to our health, and we should find ways to immerse ourselves in nature every once in a while.

Do you know that when we’re surrounded in nature, it will instantly improve our health, both mentally and physically? Blood pressures would decrease, and anxiety and stress levels would be lowered. Walking is the best way to combat the negativity in our lives, and we thoroughly recommend everyone to take a walk at their nearby forests, gardens or parks. As walking is a form of aerobic activity and releases endorphins ( which makes us happy! ), it’s telling our brain to unwind and take it easy for a while. Nature literally provides an opportunity for us to indulge in our very own thoughts, and to be ourselves without having to worry about anything. As such, take the time away from work and treat yourself to recharge and revitalize your mental batteries.

Nature also creates communities where people can gather together and bond through the common love for the outdoors. This thus opens doors to friendships and closer-knit relationships. Everyone could participate, be it young children to the elderly. You can either establish a new club or utilize the green space to host interesting activities and events. Regardless of how you do it, you might be the driving force to creating a community spirit among locals.

Now, for those busy folks who aren’t able to dedicate a timing to head out of the indoors, don’t worry. This is why Terrariums come into the picture. Not only are they compact in size so you’re able to place them in your office or home, but they’re also incredibly easy to maintain. All you have to do is water these plants every once two weeks or a month. Yes, you’re not seeing that wrong. As such, you don’t have to fuss around too much with your plants and yet, without sacrificing the benefits of greenery. If you’re asking me, I feel like everyone should get their hands on Terrariums!