The Beginner’s Guide To Terrarium Workshops

It has recently been reported by AsiaOne that Terrariums would be placed around Ang Mo Kio, Singapore’s first designated walking and cycling town. If you have been living under a rock, you should be aware that Singapore has been coming up with more green initiatives to promote environmental-consciousness among the public. This project is one of them. While some people may not have seen or even heard of Terrariums, they are rising in popularity and demand around the world.

This should be no surprise as Terrariums carry many benefits. As more and more countries gravitate towards urbanization for economic reasons, environmental degradation is a common problem that is increasingly disregarded in today’s world. This is one of the biggest factors why many people have been getting their hands on these plant-filled glass bowls that while small in size, aid in improving the health conditions of living in congested and stressful cities such as Singapore.

Considering the advantages that come with possessing a Terrarium, we undoubtedly would recommend everyone to be owners of these mini green enclosures. If you’re a newbie to this whole experience, you have come to the right place! In this Complete Guide to Terrariums, we would be assisting you every step along the way. From explaining the history behind Terrariums to offering advice on how to maintain it well, you would find every detail and information here.

To make it easier for readers, we have compiled a summary of topics that are covered in this guide;

  1. What Are Terrariums?
  2. Closed Terrarium vs. Open Terrarium. What Are The Differences?
  3. What Are The Benefits of Terrariums?
  4. What Should I Expect In a Terrarium Workshop?
  5. Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend a Terrarium-Making Workshop.
  6. How Do I Care For My Terrarium?


1. What are Terrariums?


Simply put, a Terrarium is essentially a glass container filled with earth resources such as rocks, soil and plants, and operates as a self-sustaining ecosystem. The name derives from the Latin word ‘Vivarium’, which means ‘place of life’, and describes an area that provides a comfortable environment for animals or plants to be raised in. Other Vivariums include Aquariums, Fish Ponds, Greenhouses and Insectariums. As Terrariums are usually small in size and relatively easy to tote around, they’re mainly used for decorative and ornamental purposes.

Though it may seem that Terrariums are a newly invented item, it is in fact invented from way back to the early 18th century, by the English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. How it came about was purely accidental. One of his jars was left unwatched and a fern spore managed to grow and developed into a plant, thus forming the first-ever Terrarium. Back in those days, Terrariums were instead dubbed as the ‘Wardian Cases’, and were hugely popular among the English public during the Victorian Era.

Now, Terrariums are accessible in all parts of the world and comes in a wide variety of designs and shapes that make each Terrarium unique from each other.


2. Closed Terrarium vs. Open Terrarium. What Are The Differences?

When it comes to Terrariums, there’s an option of selecting either a Closed Terrarium or Open Terrarium. For closed Terrariums, a removable lid would be provided.

The most crucial aspect of distinguishing the two Terrariums are the environmental factor each supplies. A closed Terrarium would be suitable for plants that thrive in an enclosed area with tons of moisture, whereas plants that prefer a more arid environment with constant circulation would be better off in an open Terrarium. We would recommend plants such as baby ferns and aechmea for the former and plants such as aloe and cacti for the latter.

Despite Terrariums requiring little to no maintenance, we should not overlook that plants are living organisms. There are different care levels for each type of Terrariums. As an open Terrarium is under direct light, it’s crucial to water it once every two weeks, or when needed, to ensure that the plants are well-hydrated. If that seems to be too much of a hassle, you might find a closed Terrarium more to your liking. Closed Terrariums are comparatively more uncomplicated as you simply have to take off the lid every once a month for around 20 minutes or so to provide some air circulation for the plants.


3. What Are The Benefits of Terrariums?

As what I have mentioned above, Terrariums are jam-packed with benefits. Considering the many advantages one could gain from owning Terrariums, it’s no wonder that these plant ornaments have been gaining in popularity around the world. However, it’s hard to disregard how beautiful Terrariums are after it has been decorated and designed, and this has resulted in them being more widely noted for their role in interior landscaping. In this section, I would be explaining why owning Terrariums go beyond just for aesthetic reasons.

  • Purifies Air, Improving Air Quality

Plants provide earth’s main source of oxygen. As more trees are cut down to make ways for urbanization, the air quality would no doubt be severely affected. Bearing in mind that many Singaporeans are also constantly cooped up in their offices or homes, one could imagine the state of respiratory health most of us are facing due to our way of life. In fact, there is even a condition labeled ‘SBS’, short for Sick Building Syndrome, which describes health problems directly attributed to unhealthy working environments.

Since Terrariums are low-maintenance compared to normal potted plants, they’re incredibly convenient to have them around the office or home to improve the indoor air quality. If you’re skeptical of its’ effects, it has been scientifically proven that Terrariums or indoor plants do carry through their purpose. In 1989, NASA carried out an experiment and realized that indoor plants depletes the air of hazardous organic compounds and increases the rate of air purification.

Due to this report, scientists have deemed indoor plants to be natural air purifiers.

  • Create a Greater Sense of Well-Being

It’s no secret that greenery creates tranquil spaces that allow us to feel more refreshed and relaxed. According to an article by NBC News, studies have shown that indoor plants not only increase concentration levels, but also relieve stress and uplift moods. In color psychology ( yes, that’s a thing! ), the color green has long been noted for its’ calming effect, and is commonly associated with office interior design. As such, brighten up your day and heighten productivity levels by simply placing a Terrarium on your desk or shelf.

  • Enhanced Interior’s Appearance

Terrariums are not only decorated with plants, but also with colored sands and rocks and even with unique figurines! If placed around the office or home, it instantly creates a more welcoming and vibrant environment that is visually appealing to employees and visitors alike. What makes Terrarium stand out from the usual indoor plants is that it is extremely versatile in terms of decorative purposes. During the Holiday Season, you can adorn your Terrariums with fake snow and other Christmas-themed decoration to transform it into snow globes or ornaments to hang on Christmas trees.

Taking a page from companies such as Google and DBS Bank, an attractive working environment is crucial in raising morale and establishing an efficient workflow in a healthier workplace culture.


4. What Should I Expect In a Terrarium Workshop?

If you’re planning on participating in a Terrarium Workshop, you have come to the right place! Terrarium Singapore is one of the most reputable and experienced Terrarium Workshop providers, and has organized more than 6,000 events for over 400,000 diverse clients ranging from government organizations and corporates to schools.

While we are able to cater to your specific location preference, most of our Terrarium sessions are held at our new Headquarters in 5B Guillemard Road, Wing Fong Building. This office not only features an event space that could accommodate up to 80 people, but also allows us to be the first-ever Events Company in Singapore to operate as a walk-in business. As the space is also spacious enough to hold other activities, we provide additional services such as food catering to ensure that our clients have an all-around fulfilling experience. Talk about convenience!

Before you start working on the Terrarium, our facilitators would give a short demonstration to provide an insight into Terrarium-Making, and provide guidance on decoration tips.

  • Team Building Opportunities

Here at Terrarium Singapore, we offer 2 packages to see to different objectives. As we strongly prioritize on team bonding and cohesion, we are one of the very few companies to provide a Team Building option that allows you and your teammates to work on a single Terrarium. How it goes is that depending on the number of overall participants, a team of 4 to 5 would be seated together, and would collaborate with each other in brainstorming and executing the design of the Terrarium. Once the product is finished, the team could placed their group Terrarium in the office as a memento for all to enjoy.

If you would prefer to own an individual Terrarium to either take it home or set it on your own desk, you can go for our Standard Package. Regardless, both options provide an opportunity for you and your friends or colleagues to mingle more closely!

  • Non-Judgemental Environment

Even though Terrarium-Making is regarded as a Creative Workshop, it does not function as traditional art such as painting or sculpting. As designing Terrariums is incredibly straightforward, participants are not required to possess an artistic talent or come from a creative background to decorate it well. Furthermore, our Terrarium-Making sessions are all-inclusive, ensuring that everyone of any age could engage in.

However, if you’re still having reservations in showcasing your creative capabilities in a public setting, no fret! We want our clients to be fully comfortable and confident in our Workshop, as such, we provide a non-judgemental environment where our professionally-trained facilitators would guide you along the way.

  • Lots of Fun!

What’s the point in attending our Terrarium Workshop if you are not looking to have fun alongside your friends or family? All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the session! All the materials needed in decorating the Terrariums would be provided by us, and would be neatly placed on the tables before the participants arrive. We will blast music as well to liven the atmosphere and create a comfortable social setting for all to relish.

We are aware that Singapore’s humid weather can be a nuisance at times, so we make certain that the participants are comfortable in attending our workshops. Our events space not only accommodates up to 80 people, but also is fully air-conditioned to provide a pleasant environment.


5. Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend a Terrarium-Making Workshop?

As demands for Terrariums are on the rise, Terrarium Workshops are becoming more popular in Singapore. Part of the reason for this growth in popularity is not only due to the benefits of Terrariums, but could also possibly be due to the attractiveness of craft and DIY workshops to the old and young. In general, Creative Workshops have been increasingly relied on for Team Building and recreational purposes, and I have elucidated more on this in an article.

  • Boost in Creativity

We’ll provide you with the materials, and all you have to do is design and decorate your Terrarium in any way you prefer! As Terrarium Making requires patience, forward planning and imagination, our Workshops are the perfect opportunity for you to cultivate your artistic expression. Contrary to popular belief, creativity is a highly-valued and highly-sought-after skill in many fields of work, not only in creative professions, and gives you an edge over others. As such, as our Terrarium Workshops take place in an open-minded and unbiased setting, you have no worries if you’re lacking in artistic confidence. Take your session as a learning journey, and to develop and grow your capabilities. Furthermore, you and your teammates can inspire each other in creating a truly unique Terrarium that shows off your innovative talents!

  • Bonding and Networking

I know that I have stated this before, but we always stressed on the cruciality for good team cohesion. Aside from providing you with 2 package options, we could also alter the session in order to meet your desired objectives and needs. For example, if you wish to host an ice-breaker event, we are able to organize and prepare specific seating assignments to ensure networking opportunities for all participants.

Terrarium Workshop is not only a suitable activity for Team Building events, but also for occasions such as parties. In fact, for the upcoming Holiday Season, we are hosting special Christmas-themed Terrarium-Making sessions. Featuring limited edition figurines from Studio Ghibli and among other privileges and offers, it’s an event meant for everyone, from children to the elderly, and brings together friends, family and colleagues to bask in the enjoyment.

If you are interested in joining our Christmas-themed Creative Workshops, you can sign up here.

  • An Affordable Alternative

I won’t sugar-coat the fact that Terrariums aren’t cheap. If you scour online for Terrariums, you will realize that an average Terrarium will cost you around $30 to $200+, which isn’t at all inexpensive. Yes, they are designed by professionals and might look more appealing, but honestly, where is the fun in that? By attending a Terrarium-Making Workshop, you have the best of both worlds. Not only are our sessions start from $22/pax, but you are also able to gain new experiences and benefits that I have stated above. As such, it is a far more affordable and rewarding option to participate in a Terrarium Workshop than to simply purchase it from the stores.


6. How Do I Care For My Terrarium?

Even though Terrariums are incredibly self-sufficient and require little to no watering and sunlight, you can find ways to lengthen the longevity of your Terrariums and keep it healthy for a long time.

  • Keeping Soil Fresh

Soil is vitally important for the growth and survival of plants as it supports the roots and store nutrients. As such, it is crucial that the soil is healthy and is able to retain its’ moisture. You can add stones or gravel to the bottom of the Terrarium to aid in drainage, and a layer of charcoal which keeps the soil fresh. We do not recommend adding fertilizers as your Terrarium is small in size, and doing so would only result in subsequent loss of nutrients in your plants.

  • Prevent Bugs Infestation

If you have an Open Terrarium, we strongly advised that you monitor your Terrarium weekly to ensure that pests such as gnats and mealy bugs are not present. In order to avoid being in a troublesome and irksome situation, you should placed pebbles and rocks to deter pests. As bugs prefer moist environments, you should also take note that you’re not over-watering your Terrarium.

However, if bugs have infested your Terrarium, no worries! You can easily purchase insecticidal soap from your local gardening store and apply it to the plants to get rid of bugs.