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What Terrarium Figurines can I put in my jar?

Terrarium Figurines

Terrarium Figurines are a great way to brighten up your terrarium and make it more personal. Terrariums can be made from just about anything, so even if you don’t have the time or supplies to create one of your own, sometimes all you need is a little creativity and some Terrarium Figurines! If you want to buy them, click here!

1. Buildings

Buildings - Terrarium Figurines

If there is anything a terrarium resembles, it would be a mini version of our world. The plants act as trees and bushes so what’s missing would be buildings like houses. You can either recreate realistic surroundings or build an imaginary world! Simply decorate your terrarium with a few buildings as the focal point and create some pathways with mini pebbles.

2. Greenery

Adding more greenery to a terrarium might sound crazy but what we mean by these are mini trees, pebbles and tree stumps. You can create a totally different season within your terrarium by simply adding small sakura trees or maple trees. Adding these figurines will make your terrarium truly look like its own world where perhaps fairies can live in.

3. Farm Animals & Pets

Animals - Terrarium Figurines

Want a terrarium with minimal figurines. You can add a single animal figurine to bright up your terrarium. Since the terrarium already resembles that of natural habitat, adding a singular rabbit figurine into the figurine would make it look like the rabbit’s home. Go ahead and use any farm animals or pets you like. Make your terrarium unique to yourself!

4. Cartoon Characters

Add your favourite cartoon characters into your terrarium for a personal touch. The perfect cartoon character Terrarium Figurines would be Totoro since the character resided in the forest, which can be represented by the terrarium plants. Even if you are just going to put a single figurine, cartoon characters are still very cute and can be a topic of discussion with other friends in the terrarium class Singapore.

5. Festive Decorations

Change up the look of your terrarium every holiday! There are plenty of festive figurines like a Christmas tree or a Halloween pumpkin. Don’t have the energy to decorate your house only to take them down once the festival is over? Why not just decorate your terrarium. Really affordable and you don’t even have to remove the figurines until you want to change the theme of your terrarium!

6. Human Figurines

A very sweet gift for someone would be a terrarium that commemorates an important event. For example, one with a proposal couple for an anniversary gift. Human Terrarium Figurines can be customised if you really do wish for the gift to be realistic and extra special. It would totally melt your partner’s heart if it was a terrarium Singapore DIY.

Terrarium Figurines

If you are going to make your own terrarium, you should decorate it to your heart’s content. Terrarium Figurines are a great way to personalize any terrarium and make it more unique to yourself. Furthermore, they are really affordable and not costly at all. You can also change up the Terrarium Figurines regularly if you want to invest the time. For a terrarium DIY kit Singapore, we provide one free figurine. If you want more, you can buy them from our shop and we will deliver them right to your doorstep along with your DIY kit!