Wedding Favours SG

There are many different types of Wedding Favours SG that you can choose from to give as a gift to your guests. But with so much variety, it's hard to pick the one that will be best for your Wedding day. In this blog post, we have listed 10 Wedding Favours and ideas for wedding favours, all of which are creative and unique!

1) Terrariums

Terrariums - Wedding Favours SG

A wedding favour that can be kept for a long time would be terrariums. Terrariums are essentially self-sustaining and you can customise it with figurines unique to you and your wedding. Apart from being a wonderful decoration, they can also help clean the air (open terrariums).

2) Flowers

Flowers - Wedding Favours SG

It would be such a waste to throw away your wedding flowers so why not repurpose them? All you need to do is have them gathered towards the end of the evening, and have the organiser break down centrepieces and bouquets. Then, place them into glass bottles or customised vases and there you have it! Even if the flowers eventually wilt, the vases will remain as a permanent memo of your big day.

3) Candles

Candles - Wedding Favours SG

Did you know that smell is closely linked with memory? Have some mini versions of the wedding candles made as wedding favours SG. Apart from smelling nice, your guests will be reminded of the good vibes from your wedding every time they light up the candle. Customise the candle jar and they can use it as decoration even after the candle is burned up.

4) Snack Bag

Wedding dishes may not be the most filling meals. Some people end up not eating at all as they take care of their kids or become too awkward sharing food with strangers. Pack up a snack bag made of small snacks like tidbits or larger snacks like fries and burgers as wedding favours SG. Even if the attendees are full, they can keep them as late-night snacks.

5) Seeds

Seeds - Wedding Favours SG

Seeds generally symbolize growth and harmony, growing the plants will then signify rebirth. For a thoughtful wedding favour, give out seeds of your favourite plant or seeds of the bloom used during your wedding. Personalise the bags that hold the seed or give out hand-painted pots along with the seeds to create unique wedding favours SG.

6) Macarons

Macarons - Wedding Favours SG

If you're going to gift a pastry, there's no better treat than macarons. Macarons are delicate and delicious. They are quite expensive because of the time required to bake it. Preparing such treats - even if not by your own hand - would definitely show appreciation to all the people who have been in your life up to your wedding day.

7) Chocolate

Chocolate - Wedding Favours SG

Be it a chocolate bar or bag of small chocolates, they would make for likeable wedding favours SG. You can easily customise the packaging with a label or a sticker. Chocolate with high cacao percentage are also healthy for the body. Dark or milk is up to you, but the bars are sure to be popular with guests that have a sweet tooth.

8) CD

CD - Wedding Favours SG

Put together a playlist of your wedding's best jams or make a video of your big day and burn them onto CDs. Guests can groove along to the music and recall back to your wedding day whenever they want. Simply personalise you CD cover and it can act as a decoration as well.

Wedding Favours SG

Wedding Favours SG are an important part of the wedding experience and they can be a fun way to give your guests something that will remind them of you. You may find it difficult to pick just one type, but hopefully, our list has helped make some decisions for you! Wedding favours don’t have to be expensive or complicated; in fact, many DIY wedding favour ideas are simple and inexpensive yet still very thoughtful. Good luck choosing your very own wedding favours SG! For more articles by us:

Terrarium Plants Singapore

Want to make your own terrarium but not sure where to start? There are many options of terrarium plants for your DIY terrarium Singapore. You can find live plants, artificial plants or mosses at a variety of stores and nurseries. It is important to know the type of environment you would like your terrarium to have before buying any plant. If you want an outdoor-type environment, you will need different types of plants than if you wanted something more tropical or indoor-like. To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of some common Types of Terrarium Plants Singapore.

1) Artillery Fern

Artillery Fern - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Artillery Fern

Artillery ferns are members of the Pilea family. They have really tiny leaves and shoots their seeds with a popping sound, contributing to its other nickname, "Artillery Fern", though they are not actually related to ferns. Due to this explosive trait, these plants are easy to grow and can cover many areas, like duckweed.

2) Button Fern

Button Fern - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Button Fern

Button fern houseplants are small and low-growing ferns with beautiful, round leaflets. They hail from New Zealand and are not as finicky as most of the other ferns. Despite their slightly bushy top, button ferns remain elegant with the look of their small, round leaves. A perfect trait of button ferns that places them as Terrarium Plants Singapore is that they tolerate drier soil better than other ferns.

3) Carnivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Venus Flytrap

Carnivorous plants can be chosen for an open terrarium setup. Do not put carnivorous plants into closed terrariums as they will not be able to catch their food. The most common carnivorous plants are the Venus Fly Trap or Butterworts. These plants can actually help to catch the unwanted bugs in your room, but it is important to note that you should feed them occasionally as they might end up catching none sometimes.

4) Fittonia Nerve Plant

Fittonia Nerve - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Fittonia Nerve Plant

The Fittonia Nerve plant originates from South America. This plant grows in tropical rainforests, giving it a perpetual evergreen appearance. As a tropical species, the colours of Fittonia Nerve varies from olive green - most common - to silver white and pink. Due to its growth characteristic, of being ground cover under canopies of trees, it prefers indirect light and thrives well under fluorescent lights. In addition to needing little water to sustain itself, the Fittonia plant is one of the many Terrarium Plant Singapore.

5) Peperomia

Peperomia - Terrarium Plants Singapore

A common houseplant choice resembling a small rubber plant, Peperomia makes great options because they are low maintenance and help clean the air. They have sturdy stems and soft leaves. Favoured in combination with ferns for their aesthetic appeal, these plants generally need constant damp soil which makes them ideal as Terrarium Plants Singapore.

6) Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plants are pretty and fun. This plant seems cheerful as it comes in pink, red, and silver varieties. There are also several spotted, mottled varieties of the plant with purple, white, and darker contrasting colours. Such contrast is stronger than that of other plants, making the polka dot plant pop out more. Because they are native to warm climates, they are rather suitable for Singapore's weather. You won't have to worry about overgrowth since they remain relatively small once mature, especially when grown indoors.

7) Succulents

Succulents - Terrarium Plants Singapore

Last but not least are the succulents. Succulents are best suited to living in a terrarium and thrive well in dry climates. This is because they have developed adaptation such as thickened and juicy parts, able to store liquid for their survival. Some of these plants include Aloe Vera and Cacti; both succulent plant varieties are commonly found around many people's homes or gardens.

Terrarium Plants Singapore

Terrarium Plants Singapore are an excellent way to spruce up your living space with a touch of the outdoors. Terrariums not only provide a great focal point for any room, but they also help clean the air! The plants we've mentioned should be easy to maintain once you learn more about them and their needs! If you are interested to take up a terrarium class in Singapore, do check out the different packages we offer for terrarium making.

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Closed Terrarium

We all make mistakes when we are doing something for the first time. Terrariums are not particularly easy to build for someone with no knowledge. Hence, we have rounded up the most common beginner mistakes at our workshop to spare you the heartache and trouble of correcting them! Read below, as we provide 5 Common Closed Terrarium Mistakes.

If you are interested to know more about Closed Terrariums, do continue to read on. For more related articles, please see below:

1. Insufficient Free Soil Space

closed terrarium

When it comes to decorating the terrarium, people tend to get overly excited and want to go all out with their colourful sand and figurines. We would usually tell you to leave about 1-2cm radius around your plant's stem, which is for a good reason. Should the sand cover the soil surrounding the leaf, the sand would absorb the water instead of the roots of the plant. In the long run, your plant may not survive due to dehydration.

2. Direct Sunlight

We all probably learned that plants require sunlight to make food; however, those are for the plants that are not enclosed—as such, placing a closed terrarium under direct sunlight would cause the glass to heat up, with the plants overheating! we usually advise our workshop participants to place their terrariums under artificial sunlight, as it is sufficient for the plant. It is also advisable for terrariums to be kept in an air-conditioned environment!

3. Overwatering


First-timers with terrariums are likely to overwater their plants. This is a common mistake for any plant-owners. When excess water is present within the glass jar, there is a risk of mould being present. Depending on whether you have an opened or closed Terrarium, the plants' watering must be adjusted accordingly.

If you have an open Terrarium, the plant must be watered at least once a week, whereas it is 1-2 times a month for the closed terrarium. It is a little trickier when it comes to watering your closed terrarium plant because you have to gauge and check the condensation against the glass jar.

4. Using Too Much Soil

Some may think that "The More soil used, the better the plants would be". There may be more nutrients present; however, the soil would be more likely to cover the plant's leaves. As such, it would be counterproductive, as the chlorophyll would not be able to engage in photosynthesis. Do take note to avoid letting the soil reach a height around the leaves. A good practice would also be to push the soil closer to the stem.

Using too much soil within a closed terrarium will affect the terrarium's layering, leaving very little space for the plant.

5. Adding Fertilisers

closed terrarium

This may sound counterintuitive for most gardeners. Don’t you want your plant to get sufficient nutrients? Well, one of the best ways to maintain and keep a terrarium is to make sure it does not suddenly undergo a growth spurt. Otherwise, you may find that it becomes harder to maintain the plant! Granted, the choice of the plant would have been the kind not to grow very much. However, with the use of fertilisers, there is a chance that the plant would overgrow, and this makes it harder to maintain for you! Hence, we usually advise against adding fertilisers to your terrarium plant if you want to keep it around for long!

Closed Terrarium

These are just a few common mistakes made when crafting your very own DIY terrarium, with Singapore's climate, closed terrarium plants are suitable for living space, offices, and personal rooms. If you are interested in visiting the Singapore terrarium workshop or, If you want other interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

Visit us on our company website for more exciting activities and inspiration before you plan for your next outing!

Terrarium Workshop

Terrariums are becoming more and more trendy these days as people seem to have grown a liking towards minimalism. Before we start, we need to know what a terrarium is; the word Terrarium refers to a sealed or open glass container that includes soil and plants within. Terrariums can contain several different plants to fit different themes, and some might even include flowers in terrariums. 

If you are interested to know more about Terrarium Workshop, do continue to read on. For more related articles, please see below:

1. History of Terrariums

wardian cases, terrarium workshop
Meijer Gardens

Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward discovered terrariums - known as Wardian cases - in 1842 when he sealed a moth pupa in a glass jar to observe insect behaviour. He had noticed organisms thriving in the environment and experimented with more plants, including those that were not native to England. From Ward's discovery, the concept of the self-regulating ecosystem was born and the Wardian cases gain popularity among botanists and scientists alike. (VaseSource, 2018)

Today, most terrariums are kept as decoration around homes and offices. There has been a resurgence of interest in owning a terrarium as the creation of one has become simplified over the years. Considering how terrariums enhance a place's look with a touch of nature, this isn't surprising at all. Moreover, terrariums are small, making them perfect as a small greenery piece within today's modern living space. The fact that terrariums need very little attention and maintenance also makes them extremely attractive for the busy society.

2. Types Of Terrarium Plants

There are actually many types of plants you can nurture in a terrarium. A popular choice would be succulents, which are famous for their low maintenance. However, should you venture and make your terrarium with other types? Let us explain more below!


M Powerful Plants

Also known as the mosaic plant, the Fittonia Nerve plant originates from South America. The plant belonging to a tropical species gets an all year round green allure. It is coupled with beautiful veins that contrast with the olive green, in beautiful colours such as silver white and pink. This plant detests direct sunlight and instead prefers indirect light and thrives well under fluorescent lights. In addition to needing little water to sustain itself, the Fittonia plant is a match made in heaven for a terrarium.



Resembling a tiny rubber plant, Peperomia make great houseplants because they are low maintenance, and clean the air. They generally have thick stout stems and fleshy leaves. Peperomia can often be used in combination with ferns for the best aesthetic look. They are usually easy to maintain, requiring constant damp soil, which makes them ideal for a terrarium.

Carnivorous Plants

carnivorous plants, venus fly trap
Carnivorous Plant Care

If you're looking to build an open terrarium, carnivorous plants can be chosen for a more unique setup. (Please do not put carnivorous plants into closed terrariums.) The most common carnivorous plants would be the Venus Fly Trap or Butterworts. Aside from making your terrarium look extremely cool, these plants can actually help to catch the unwanted bugs in your room. However, it is important to note that the plant might not be able to catch any food. Hence, you should feed your carnivorous insects occasionally.


The Sill

Next up on the list are finally succulents. As the word succulent implies, these plants have thick and juicy parts, capable of holding the liquid in them to ensure survival in the arid climate. Along with their differentiated appearance, this unique quality makes their kind suitable for living in a terrarium – to look attractive and not be needy (of water). Some of the famous succulents we are probably acquainted with are Aloe Vera and Cacti. Similar to carnivorous plants, open terrariums are more suitable for succulents.

3. Open Vs Closed Terrariums

Open terrariums are not enclosed with lids. Instead, the plants could be popping out of the containers. They have drier conditions as they are open to the air and hence need to be watered frequently. On the other hand, a closed terrarium is covered with a lid to allow a water cycle to be established within the glass. The moisture from the soil and plants evaporates then condenses on the side of the glass container and falls back to the plants and soils at the bottom. With the cycle repeating, closed terrariums are self-sufficient.

Closed or open, caution should be taken not to place any terrarium under direct sunlight as it may cause the plants to overheat. For more details, please read The Difference Between Open and Closed Terrariums.

4. Figurines

terrarium workshops singapore

A huge part of why people love making their own terrariums is customizing them to their taste. At The Fun Empire, we offer a wide variety of figurines to choose from when you make your terrarium with us!

5. Types of Terrarium Workshops

Individual Terrarium Workshops

Terrarium Singapore

For the individual terrarium workshop, participants would each be building their terrariums from scratch. At the end of the workshop, everyone would get to take back their personalized terrarium! Experienced and trained facilitators would guide the workshop so that it is suitable for all abilities! One need not worry about having any background in gardening or handling plants as participants would also be advised on how to care for the terrarium to make it last.

Group Terrarium Workshops

terrarium workshops

Group terrariums are slightly different; within a group, participants would have to work together to build one terrarium from scratch. They would be making a bigger terrarium as well! Similar to the individual terrarium, the workshop would be led by trained and experienced facilitators, and they would not need to have any background.

6. What events are Terrarium Workshops good for?

A terrarium-making workshop is pretty suitable for a wide range of activities! The Fun Empire can bring the workshop to your space, be it the office or a function room. Below, we recommend the best situations for a terrarium workshop based on feedback

1. Team Building

team building

Terrarium making is a great team-building activity because it promotes the skills of teamwork. Conducted within a relaxing ambience and laid-back setting, it eases teams into a relaxed state, facilitating sharing ideas quickly. Not only does it hone communication and listening, but it also allows teams to get to know each other on a deeper level. Who knows, maybe it will be a time you discover your team has some great artisans!

Whether you are meeting friends over the weekends or colleagues, terrarium making is a great way to spend the time! For starters, there will be an activity to bond over that minimizes feeling awkwardness. It is also perfect because it is a therapeutic activity that can release the stresses and tension from the workweek. You will forget about your troubles for a bit when you come for terrarium making!

2. Interest Group Activities

cohesion gathering

If you need to plan an activity for your school's green club or you would like to gather with your eco-warrior friends, they would be more than happy to take on a terrarium making workshop. Not only is terrarium making good for the environment (more plants, yay), but it is also good for one's health. With people adopting healthier lifestyles and making changes to more natural healing, owning a terrarium is a good way.

3. Birthdays

A terrarium making workshop would make a novel birthday activity for an earth-loving person. With a meaningful activity like the terrarium, it could be the gift itself! This would be an excellent choice for someone who wants a more relaxing birthday party!

4. Skill Picking

Terrarium workshops Singapore

Although it is simple, a terrarium workshop may seem intimidating to some. That is why we recommend our terrarium public workshop, where you can sign up and learn to make a terrarium under our facilitators' guidance! Moreover, you could even make new friends while you're at it!

Terrarium Workshop

These are just a few information related to terrariums, If you want other interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

Visit us on our company website for more exciting activities and inspiration before you plan for your next outing!

With the multiple posts on our blog, I think it's no secret by now that we are huge advocates of owning Terrariums. Honestly, what's not to love? There are multiple reasons why more and more people not only in Singapore, but also around the world, are getting their hands on these mini forests enclosures. If you're still unsure of what Terrariums are ( ahem, what exactly are you doing with your life? ), let me give you a crash course. They're essentially plants held in a glass jar that is mainly used for decorative or ornamental purposes. Yes, it's that simple and is no rocket science.

Today, we're particularly targeting those who belong to the unconvinced crowd. If Terrariums do not appeal to you yet, we're here to change that.

  1. Terrarium is Beneficial For Our Health, Mentally and Physically

This is probably the biggest factor in why many people are placing Terrariums around their offices or homes. As Terrariums are plants in a self-sustaining ecosystem, they generate fresh, breathable air which is highly beneficial for us humans, especially for those who live in busy cosmopolitan cities like Singapore. Fresh air allows us to think more clearly and be more productive, yet calms our mind at the same time. They have also been scientifically-proven to release stress and anxiety and lower heart rate levels. Talk about a one-stop shop for wellness, huh?

2. Terrariums is Low-Maintenance

For us decor freaks, plants are always the go-to piece to instantly spruce up the interior. However, for real-life plants, they're not exactly hassle-free considering that we have to water them on a consistent basis. For those who may not have the time to dedicate a schedule into doing so may find a complication to take care of their plants. Now with Terrariums you have no such worries. As they're self-sustaining, they practically take care of themselves! Of course, you still have to play your part in ensuring that your plants last long. We have written a full guide on that.

3. Terrarium is a Great Decor Piece

As mentioned above, Terrariums make for great decorative pieces for any occasion. During Christmas, it is rather common to see people hanging Terrariums on their Christmas trees, giving it a fun twist to the standard ornaments. For normal days, placed Terrariums either on desks or shelves to make it a statement piece and stand out from the crowd. What's great about Terrarium Singapore is that we fully-encouraged our participants to express themselves creatively through designing their very own Terrarium. This is why we are the only events company in Singapore to offer Figurine collections as to provide a platform for participants to get crafty and explore their artistic side.

I think it's no secret by now that Terrariums have a therapeutic effect, and are thus beneficial for our health. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why we, and many others, constantly recommend everyone to own a Terrarium or placed it indoors. Considering there's a recent rise of Singaporeans suffering from mental health issues, Terrariums could prove to be one of the simplest ways to combat the problem. It has also been scientifically-proven by many sources that Terrariums, or plants in general, play a crucial role in improving mental health. Here are the few reasons why;

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand when we're living in such a fast-paced society like Singapore. As such, most Singaporeans are no strangers to encountering these issues. Terrariums are a self-sustaining ecosystem, and generates fresh breathable air on a daily basis, which allows us to clear our minds better and restore inner calm. When placed either at home or in the office, Terrariums provide a sense of greenery, and as we have been told many times, the colour green instils feelings of tranquillity. All these help ensure that you're taking care of your health, both physically and mentally.

As mentioned above, green is a colour that instantly creates a comforting environment. When it comes to crafting your Terrariums, we provide additional materials such as coloured sands and rocks which not only allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind Terrarium, but also these colours contribute to provoking more positive emotions. Blue represents calm and peace, pink for love and caring, and yellow for optimism and happiness. Whatever colours you used in the Terrariums, it will influence your mood and contribute to creating your desired emotion. 

Believe it or not. Plants aids in increasing levels of concentration and attention, thus stimulating your brain and pushing you to be more productive. This is why plants are placed in classrooms and or offices, as to ensure that people are constantly inspired. Being productive allows you to take your mind off away from negativity, and to achieve more tasks which would no doubt make you feel accomplished. 

Terrariums are fully-customizable, from the arrangement of the succulents to the colours of the sand and rocks. It's all up to you to decide how your Terrarium would look like. Thus, this makes for an incredibly personal gift which you can pour your heart into designing your Terrarium either for friends or loved ones. We also provide various figurine collections, being the only events company in Singapore to do so, as to ensure that your Terrarium is truly one-of-a-kind and would always stand out from the crowd. Embrace your inner creativity and craft a gift that would be highly-appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Terrariums are mainly used for ornamental and decorative purposes, and for good reasons. They add some greenery to the decor, which instantly brightens up the atmosphere with colour and texture. Aside from being a sentimental gift, Terrariums could be placed in desks or shelves of homes and offices, thus making it incredibly useful as well.

Terrariums, being a self-sustaining ecosystem, is not only fuss-free to maintain, but also carries many health benefits. When placed indoors, it purifies the air and increases oxygen levels. This is extremely vital considering Singapore's high humidity, and the air pollution and toxins that we constantly faced in our everyday lives. As such, Terrariums would contribute to better and breathable air, allowing us to live healthier and happier.

Recently, Sir David Attenborough, the well-known and respectable British naturalist, stated this at the World Economic Forum: "Care for the natural world. Not only care for the natural world, but treat it with a degree of respect and reverence". At a time when global warming is prevalent throughout the world, we should take a look and revise our thoughts on living in a highly-industrialized and fast-paced society. Singapore is a good example of that. Most of our lives involve heading in and out of the office, sitting at our desks, staring at the computer screens and looking down at our phones. Even though there is a clear emphasis of including greenery into our lives, the city is still covered with skyscrapers, making an escape to nature rather difficult. Not to mention our lifestyles don't make it any easier. It's no secret that nature is beneficial to our health, and we should find ways to immerse ourselves in nature every once in a while.

Do you know that when we're surrounded in nature, it will instantly improve our health, both mentally and physically? Blood pressures would decrease, and anxiety and stress levels would be lowered. Walking is the best way to combat the negativity in our lives, and we thoroughly recommend everyone to take a walk at their nearby forests, gardens or parks. As walking is a form of aerobic activity and releases endorphins ( which makes us happy! ), it's telling our brain to unwind and take it easy for a while. Nature literally provides an opportunity for us to indulge in our very own thoughts, and to be ourselves without having to worry about anything. As such, take the time away from work and treat yourself to recharge and revitalize your mental batteries.

Nature also creates communities where people can gather together and bond through the common love for the outdoors. This thus opens doors to friendships and closer-knit relationships. Everyone could participate, be it young children to the elderly. You can either establish a new club or utilize the green space to host interesting activities and events. Regardless of how you do it, you might be the driving force to creating a community spirit among locals.

Now, for those busy folks who aren't able to dedicate a timing to head out of the indoors, don't worry. This is why Terrariums come into the picture. Not only are they compact in size so you're able to place them in your office or home, but they're also incredibly easy to maintain. All you have to do is water these plants every once two weeks or a month. Yes, you're not seeing that wrong. As such, you don't have to fuss around too much with your plants and yet, without sacrificing the benefits of greenery. If you're asking me, I feel like everyone should get their hands on Terrariums!

Even though our Terrarium-Making Workshop prioritizes heavily on strengthening team dynamic, we also make certain in providing a non-judgemental environment where participants are fully encouraged and nurtured to hone their artistic capabilities. As such, our Workshop also functions as an art class where everyone, regardless of their age or level of creative ability, could have a jolly good time bonding with their friends or colleagues over nature.

Due to the aesthetic attributes of Terrarium, they are commonly used as decorative or ornamental purposes. Placed it either on the shelves or desks in offices or homes to instantly add a natural touch to the interior. During the Holiday season, Terrariums could also be hung on Christmas trees as unconventional ornaments, or packaged as gifts to your loved ones or even to yourself as a mini treat.

Terrariums are not only undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, but they also possess a multitude of benefits which made it popular among the old and young. Building a Terrarium is incredibly simple as all you have to do is add earthly elements such as soil, rocks and succulents into a glass container. However, there are a number of ways, or may I say a number of items, you can incorporate to spark creativity and uniqueness in ensuring that your Terrariums stand out from the crowd.

Do you know that Terrarium Singapore is the only craft/DIY Workshop provider in the country to offer a selection of Figurine collections? Well yes! As we wanted our Terrarium-Making Workshop to appeal to larger and more diverse audiences, we have decided to come up with various Figurine themes. For example, our Love Collection would be a suitable option for couples while our Cartoon Collection would surely be favoured by children. In fact, for this Holiday season, Terrarium Singapore would be hosting the first-ever Christmas-themed Terrarium Workshop, featuring a Festive Collection showcasing characters from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

In our Terrarium-Making Workshop, participants are able to select up to 3 Figurines. As such, be it inspired from real-life architecture or from films, everyone has the creative freedom to decorate and design their Terrariums to any scenic landscape of their preference.

After layering on the soil and setting down the succulents, plants and rocks, simply sprinkle on some coloured sand to instantly enliven and add personal character to your Terrarium. Colours have been scientifically-proven to impact our emotions and behaviours, so go ahead and explore your creative side by experimenting with various colours that make you feel happy, energetic, calm and much more! You can also be more avant-garde by creating specific designs or patterns with your coloured sand, which would no doubt give your Terrarium an edge over the others! When sprinkling on the sand, do take note to avoid the area surrounding the plant.

Here at The Fun Empire, we would supply you with a glass container to hold your Terrariums. However, you can think out of the box by coming up with unconventional ways to make your jars stand out from the crowd. Whether you would prefer to placed strings or patterned tapes to design your glass jars, Terrariums are incredibly non-fussy and would not be affected if you decide to decorate the exterior. However, let’s not forget plants do require sunlight at the end of the day so make sure that the container remains transparent.

Every great team building session has its own unique points on how its conducted. Bubble Bump’s highlight will be very different from that of the Terrarium’s highlight. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we hope that through our team building session, your team will emerge from the activity with more team spirit than ever. So here are the key elements to take note of in a terrarium team building session.

1. Check for Suitability

Terrariums may not be everybody’s cup of tea; nothing is everybody’s cup of tea. Check with everyone first if possible if everyone is agreeable to doing terrarium for this team building session. You can even introduce a system where different staff in the office takes a turn to choose the teambuilding session for the office. This way everyone has a say, making it more enjoyable for everyone knowing that even if this round doesn’t suit their taste, they will have one soon which they can make the plans for it.

2. Talk, laugh and build

One of the greatest perks of a creative team building session is that there is now suddenly a whole lot of time to talk with your colleagues. While you are still actively constructing your terrarium, yet your hands are now free to mingle with your colleagues. A teambuilding occasion only serves its purpose with communication between the staff and the terrarium team building enables that. We like to purport that the terrarium is less significant than the bonds forged/ strengthened in the team building session.

3. Active Participation

Sometimes team building organizers are worried that its staff are not engaged. Some staff tends to feel draggy, unreceptive to the game/ program. Not with terrarium making – People work for rewards that they know is attainable. Now we present them with the possibility of a beautiful terrarium that they can bring home so long as they put in the effort to make it. It is very rare to see people unmotivated in the face of a great objective, a terrarium to show off to everyone, especially through Instagram.

4. Story Telling

A terrarium session most team building moment is the storytelling moment. As you go through each and everyone’s story behind the inspiration for their terrarium. There will be some very moving story or just some, which you can empathize. These are usually stories about your colleagues whom will help you understand and thus appreciate them more over the course of this team building session. You can see your colleague’s greatest worries or happiness. Like how the mom in your office puts 3 rabbits to represent three of her beloved daughters constantly on her mind or even the guy that puts a sleeping cat because that is his favourite hobby. You get to know your colleagues better with the terrariums that speak for them.

I hope after reading this you will know that terrarium team building sessions are unique in the experience it provides, and this may be what you are looking for in this team building session. If you are keen, click here to book a package with us today!

Terrarium Singapore is the leading Terrarium Workshop provider in Singapore. 

We offer numerous unique and fun Terrarium Workshop Singapore packages for corporate team building, school programmes, birthday parties, social gatherings, carnivals and cohesion events.
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