With the multiple posts on our blog, I think it's no secret by now that we are huge advocates of owning Terrariums. Honestly, what's not to love? There are multiple reasons why more and more people not only in Singapore, but also around the world, are getting their hands on these mini forests enclosures. If you're still unsure of what Terrariums are ( ahem, what exactly are you doing with your life? ), let me give you a crash course. They're essentially plants held in a glass jar that is mainly used for decorative or ornamental purposes. Yes, it's that simple and is no rocket science.

Today, we're particularly targeting those who belong to the unconvinced crowd. If Terrariums do not appeal to you yet, we're here to change that.

  1. Terrarium is Beneficial For Our Health, Mentally and Physically

This is probably the biggest factor in why many people are placing Terrariums around their offices or homes. As Terrariums are plants in a self-sustaining ecosystem, they generate fresh, breathable air which is highly beneficial for us humans, especially for those who live in busy cosmopolitan cities like Singapore. Fresh air allows us to think more clearly and be more productive, yet calms our mind at the same time. They have also been scientifically-proven to release stress and anxiety and lower heart rate levels. Talk about a one-stop shop for wellness, huh?

2. Terrariums is Low-Maintenance

For us decor freaks, plants are always the go-to piece to instantly spruce up the interior. However, for real-life plants, they're not exactly hassle-free considering that we have to water them on a consistent basis. For those who may not have the time to dedicate a schedule into doing so may find a complication to take care of their plants. Now with Terrariums you have no such worries. As they're self-sustaining, they practically take care of themselves! Of course, you still have to play your part in ensuring that your plants last long. We have written a full guide on that.

3. Terrarium is a Great Decor Piece

As mentioned above, Terrariums make for great decorative pieces for any occasion. During Christmas, it is rather common to see people hanging Terrariums on their Christmas trees, giving it a fun twist to the standard ornaments. For normal days, placed Terrariums either on desks or shelves to make it a statement piece and stand out from the crowd. What's great about Terrarium Singapore is that we fully-encouraged our participants to express themselves creatively through designing their very own Terrarium. This is why we are the only events company in Singapore to offer Figurine collections as to provide a platform for participants to get crafty and explore their artistic side.

I think it's no secret by now that Terrariums have a therapeutic effect, and are thus beneficial for our health. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why we, and many others, constantly recommend everyone to own a Terrarium or placed it indoors. Considering there's a recent rise of Singaporeans suffering from mental health issues, Terrariums could prove to be one of the simplest ways to combat the problem. It has also been scientifically-proven by many sources that Terrariums, or plants in general, play a crucial role in improving mental health. Here are the few reasons why;

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand when we're living in such a fast-paced society like Singapore. As such, most Singaporeans are no strangers to encountering these issues. Terrariums are a self-sustaining ecosystem, and generates fresh breathable air on a daily basis, which allows us to clear our minds better and restore inner calm. When placed either at home or in the office, Terrariums provide a sense of greenery, and as we have been told many times, the colour green instils feelings of tranquillity. All these help ensure that you're taking care of your health, both physically and mentally.

As mentioned above, green is a colour that instantly creates a comforting environment. When it comes to crafting your Terrariums, we provide additional materials such as coloured sands and rocks which not only allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind Terrarium, but also these colours contribute to provoking more positive emotions. Blue represents calm and peace, pink for love and caring, and yellow for optimism and happiness. Whatever colours you used in the Terrariums, it will influence your mood and contribute to creating your desired emotion. 

Believe it or not. Plants aids in increasing levels of concentration and attention, thus stimulating your brain and pushing you to be more productive. This is why plants are placed in classrooms and or offices, as to ensure that people are constantly inspired. Being productive allows you to take your mind off away from negativity, and to achieve more tasks which would no doubt make you feel accomplished. 

Terrariums are fully-customizable, from the arrangement of the succulents to the colours of the sand and rocks. It's all up to you to decide how your Terrarium would look like. Thus, this makes for an incredibly personal gift which you can pour your heart into designing your Terrarium either for friends or loved ones. We also provide various figurine collections, being the only events company in Singapore to do so, as to ensure that your Terrarium is truly one-of-a-kind and would always stand out from the crowd. Embrace your inner creativity and craft a gift that would be highly-appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Terrariums are mainly used for ornamental and decorative purposes, and for good reasons. They add some greenery to the decor, which instantly brightens up the atmosphere with colour and texture. Aside from being a sentimental gift, Terrariums could be placed in desks or shelves of homes and offices, thus making it incredibly useful as well.

Terrariums, being a self-sustaining ecosystem, is not only fuss-free to maintain, but also carries many health benefits. When placed indoors, it purifies the air and increases oxygen levels. This is extremely vital considering Singapore's high humidity, and the air pollution and toxins that we constantly faced in our everyday lives. As such, Terrariums would contribute to better and breathable air, allowing us to live healthier and happier.

Recently, Sir David Attenborough, the well-known and respectable British naturalist, stated this at the World Economic Forum: "Care for the natural world. Not only care for the natural world, but treat it with a degree of respect and reverence". At a time when global warming is prevalent throughout the world, we should take a look and revise our thoughts on living in a highly-industrialized and fast-paced society. Singapore is a good example of that. Most of our lives involve heading in and out of the office, sitting at our desks, staring at the computer screens and looking down at our phones. Even though there is a clear emphasis of including greenery into our lives, the city is still covered with skyscrapers, making an escape to nature rather difficult. Not to mention our lifestyles don't make it any easier. It's no secret that nature is beneficial to our health, and we should find ways to immerse ourselves in nature every once in a while.

Do you know that when we're surrounded in nature, it will instantly improve our health, both mentally and physically? Blood pressures would decrease, and anxiety and stress levels would be lowered. Walking is the best way to combat the negativity in our lives, and we thoroughly recommend everyone to take a walk at their nearby forests, gardens or parks. As walking is a form of aerobic activity and releases endorphins ( which makes us happy! ), it's telling our brain to unwind and take it easy for a while. Nature literally provides an opportunity for us to indulge in our very own thoughts, and to be ourselves without having to worry about anything. As such, take the time away from work and treat yourself to recharge and revitalize your mental batteries.

Nature also creates communities where people can gather together and bond through the common love for the outdoors. This thus opens doors to friendships and closer-knit relationships. Everyone could participate, be it young children to the elderly. You can either establish a new club or utilize the green space to host interesting activities and events. Regardless of how you do it, you might be the driving force to creating a community spirit among locals.

Now, for those busy folks who aren't able to dedicate a timing to head out of the indoors, don't worry. This is why Terrariums come into the picture. Not only are they compact in size so you're able to place them in your office or home, but they're also incredibly easy to maintain. All you have to do is water these plants every once two weeks or a month. Yes, you're not seeing that wrong. As such, you don't have to fuss around too much with your plants and yet, without sacrificing the benefits of greenery. If you're asking me, I feel like everyone should get their hands on Terrariums!

Even though our Terrarium-Making Workshop prioritizes heavily on strengthening team dynamic, we also make certain in providing a non-judgemental environment where participants are fully encouraged and nurtured to hone their artistic capabilities. As such, our Workshop also functions as an art class where everyone, regardless of their age or level of creative ability, could have a jolly good time bonding with their friends or colleagues over nature.

Due to the aesthetic attributes of Terrarium, they are commonly used as decorative or ornamental purposes. Placed it either on the shelves or desks in offices or homes to instantly add a natural touch to the interior. During the Holiday season, Terrariums could also be hung on Christmas trees as unconventional ornaments, or packaged as gifts to your loved ones or even to yourself as a mini treat.

Terrariums are not only undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, but they also possess a multitude of benefits which made it popular among the old and young. Building a Terrarium is incredibly simple as all you have to do is add earthly elements such as soil, rocks and succulents into a glass container. However, there are a number of ways, or may I say a number of items, you can incorporate to spark creativity and uniqueness in ensuring that your Terrariums stand out from the crowd.

Do you know that Terrarium Singapore is the only craft/DIY Workshop provider in the country to offer a selection of Figurine collections? Well yes! As we wanted our Terrarium-Making Workshop to appeal to larger and more diverse audiences, we have decided to come up with various Figurine themes. For example, our Love Collection would be a suitable option for couples while our Cartoon Collection would surely be favoured by children. In fact, for this Holiday season, Terrarium Singapore would be hosting the first-ever Christmas-themed Terrarium Workshop, featuring a Festive Collection showcasing characters from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

In our Terrarium-Making Workshop, participants are able to select up to 3 Figurines. As such, be it inspired from real-life architecture or from films, everyone has the creative freedom to decorate and design their Terrariums to any scenic landscape of their preference.

After layering on the soil and setting down the succulents, plants and rocks, simply sprinkle on some coloured sand to instantly enliven and add personal character to your Terrarium. Colours have been scientifically-proven to impact our emotions and behaviours, so go ahead and explore your creative side by experimenting with various colours that make you feel happy, energetic, calm and much more! You can also be more avant-garde by creating specific designs or patterns with your coloured sand, which would no doubt give your Terrarium an edge over the others! When sprinkling on the sand, do take note to avoid the area surrounding the plant.

Here at The Fun Empire, we would supply you with a glass container to hold your Terrariums. However, you can think out of the box by coming up with unconventional ways to make your jars stand out from the crowd. Whether you would prefer to placed strings or patterned tapes to design your glass jars, Terrariums are incredibly non-fussy and would not be affected if you decide to decorate the exterior. However, let’s not forget plants do require sunlight at the end of the day so make sure that the container remains transparent.

Every great team building session has its own unique points on how its conducted. Bubble Bump’s highlight will be very different from that of the Terrarium’s highlight. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we hope that through our team building session, your team will emerge from the activity with more team spirit than ever. So here are the key elements to take note of in a terrarium team building session.

1. Check for Suitability

Terrariums may not be everybody’s cup of tea; nothing is everybody’s cup of tea. Check with everyone first if possible if everyone is agreeable to doing terrarium for this team building session. You can even introduce a system where different staff in the office takes a turn to choose the teambuilding session for the office. This way everyone has a say, making it more enjoyable for everyone knowing that even if this round doesn’t suit their taste, they will have one soon which they can make the plans for it.

2. Talk, laugh and build

One of the greatest perks of a creative team building session is that there is now suddenly a whole lot of time to talk with your colleagues. While you are still actively constructing your terrarium, yet your hands are now free to mingle with your colleagues. A teambuilding occasion only serves its purpose with communication between the staff and the terrarium team building enables that. We like to purport that the terrarium is less significant than the bonds forged/ strengthened in the team building session.

3. Active Participation

Sometimes team building organizers are worried that its staff are not engaged. Some staff tends to feel draggy, unreceptive to the game/ program. Not with terrarium making – People work for rewards that they know is attainable. Now we present them with the possibility of a beautiful terrarium that they can bring home so long as they put in the effort to make it. It is very rare to see people unmotivated in the face of a great objective, a terrarium to show off to everyone, especially through Instagram.

4. Story Telling

A terrarium session most team building moment is the storytelling moment. As you go through each and everyone’s story behind the inspiration for their terrarium. There will be some very moving story or just some, which you can empathize. These are usually stories about your colleagues whom will help you understand and thus appreciate them more over the course of this team building session. You can see your colleague’s greatest worries or happiness. Like how the mom in your office puts 3 rabbits to represent three of her beloved daughters constantly on her mind or even the guy that puts a sleeping cat because that is his favourite hobby. You get to know your colleagues better with the terrariums that speak for them.

I hope after reading this you will know that terrarium team building sessions are unique in the experience it provides, and this may be what you are looking for in this team building session. If you are keen, click here to book a package with us today!

Singapore is often dubbed as a clean and green city, but how did it come to be what it is today. We love the greenery we have in Singapore and it did not come about without hard work and a dedicated will. For today, let's take a road down memory lane to recall and appreciate the present Garden City that we have today.

Mr Lee Kwan Yew, we have to thank him for what we have today. He had the foresight to distinctively dream a future that Singapore will one day become a world-class city; and in order to separate it from the rest of the world, the greenery in the city could be a vital component. Not only did Mr Lee lay the groundwork for developing a green Singapore, he followed up on it fervently. He even personally picks out the creepers that would grow and cover the overhead flyovers and bridges. I bet you didn’t know our former Prime Minister was this dedicated to his green projects.

Today we have racked up a lot of accomplishment with regards to being a green city. One of Singapore’s most popular tourist locations is the Gardens by the Bay, which is not even a natural garden by any means. Thus all the more incredible that it has now become a world famous tourist spot. Moreover, there are spots all over the city, which we have conserved as a natural reserve such as Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Coney Island. Even our city areas are all populated to the brim with plants. The title of the urban jungle for us is truly befitting our look.

Mr Lee’s attitude towards building a garden city for Singapore has diffused to the rest of us Singaporeans. Many of us today are finding different methods in our own small ways to add some flora landscape into our lives. We all have that plant enthusiast who transforms the corridors of the HDB into a real jungle. Companies even opt for a terrarium teambuilding experience instead of the more orthodox options because of the green prize they get to bring home with them after that. We also have communities who live in the same vicinity deciding to set up an area to grow different vegetation plants near the HDB blocks. There is no doubt Singapore has developed a love for plants and learned to live hand in hand with them.

There are so many benefits of having greenery in our city and around your vicinity. Research has shown that walking in parks or green spaces can make you happier thus boosting your mental health. Succulents and Cacti, both popular terrarium choices are special in that they produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide at night. This makes them good for refreshing the air in your room at night as you sleep soundly. In a study by the Agricultural University of Norway, people fell ill less easily by 60% just because of the presence of plants in the office. These plants really do work miracles like a vaccination or medicine of sorts.

So if you feel like doing your bit for Singapore’s reputation as a garden city or even just for your own personal enjoyment, a terrarium can kick-start your new journey to go green.

If you are reading this blog post and you haven’t made your terrarium yet, click here to make your terrarium first. As a team building session, making a terrarium can be a great time to bond with your colleagues. But often after feeling like we made a major breakthrough with our terrarium, we are yet hit with another obstacle – how to ensure our terrarium remains thriving. There is no point in making such a lovely terrarium only to see it wither away, am I right? Without further ado, let’s begin.

Aiming problems

A common issue we all face is trying to avoid causing water spots on the glass and getting into the tight spots of the terrarium. So here are a few solutions to that. The first method, punch a small hole into the cap of a typical plastic bottle, there you have it. An upgraded version of this would be to use a wine bottle (finish it first) and attach a liquor-pouring cap to it. With that needle directing the flow of the water, you can get to any tough spots with accuracy and without making a spill at any time. And for those of you with a massive amount of terrariums, then it would be justifiable to purchase a garden pesticide sprayer (filled with water). Not only is it faster than the previous two methods, its hose is also specialized and has different modes for different purposes. With this, your terrarium will always stay healthy and beautiful.

How and when to water

One no-no rule is to avoid the use of a water spray, the kind used in a window. The succulents more water than just a spray, so why give it that teeny weeny amount of spray? So use anything that is advised above. When you pour the water, just pour it over the entire succulent so every part of the soil gets wet. Though, if you spot that there is water collected between the leaves after a day, it is imperative to get rid of it or it may promote rot easily. As for the quantity, you will want to pour half the amount of the volume of your soil. Water again when you know the soil is dry. One way you know it is dry is when you feel the difference in weight between both states of the terrarium. Neat trick huh. A word of advice, it is better to underwater than to over water a succulent as rot is harder to cure than just thirst.

Food for the Succulent

I am kidding, plants don't have or eat food, but if there was it would be Sunlight. It is paramount that they have at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Thus, you should put them in a location near the window, where the Sun’s ray can reach. There are warning signs that you should look out for when your succulent is not getting enough Vitamin D. The plant will elongate and their leaves will spread in search for sunlight. And also take note that sunburn is also a thing for these succulents. So how do you tell? Same as humans, there will be a burnt mark, a different colour on the same leaf, probably dark and usually at the tips of the plant. If you do spot it, just move it away from that location, as the light is possibly too intense there.

Don’t be too scared after reading this, we got you covered on your terrarium’s healthcare. We will get the hang of this together!

Have you recently had the luxury of enjoying our terrarium teambuilding session? If you haven’t, you definitely should because not only it is a fun bonding activity amongst a group; you also have your own lovely jar to bring home. But for those of you who already had the experience of taking care and making a terrarium, how about I propose to you a new challenge? Try out the Ecosphere, a much more advanced close terrarium.

There are infinite variations to the ecosphere, which is an alternative, more complex form of a closed terrarium. It really depends on what you want to put inside the terrarium. You will choose which ecosystem you want to import into your terrarium, and by ecosystem, we mean both flora and fauna of the particular environment.

The concept is simple; just go to an ecosystem, like a river in Pulau Ubin and get your building materials for your ecosphere there instead of the regular charcoal, soil and coloured stones that we provide for you. Get the water and soil; these are the essentials for this project.

The ecosphere making is a fun process for you, in a very different way from our team building experience. You could go together alone or with family, friends and colleagues to a natural setting in Singapore like a day out. Bring along a few containers, so that you can store the rocks, soil and the water of a –particular spot of the ecosystem. The idea is for the ecosphere to be self-sustaining because it is ‘home’ with everything it should need. Also, don’t take more than you need, or else you might destroy the environment.

Once your back, put some smashed charcoal bits into the jar as the bottom-most layer in the terrarium. This is to allow the dirty particles to sink to the bottom-most layer in the jar. Then nicely arrange the stuff you brought back from the ecosystem starting with the soil. As you pour in the water you got from the river, the water in the jar would appear very cloudy, but it is no issue, just simply seal the ecosphere and let everything settle down for like 1-2 days. Once the particles settle on the bed of the jar, the animals will start to reveal themselves. You might see snails, shrimps or other kinds of unique insects. This is like all dependent on your own luck.

From time to time you may need to do some maintenance. For example, if there is an overgrowth of algae inside the jar, you should definitely get some out of it out. Otherwise, the algae can suffocate the entire ecosystem. And if you realize you got a fish in the jar but no food for it because let's face it, you cannot possibly replicate the whole ecosystem in just one tiny jar, so you have to bring in an alternate food source from outside to keep the fish alive. Other than that, it should behave like a closed terrarium, not really needing much attention since it does not even need watering.

Honestly, this is very complicated work and my article wouldn’t be enough to do it well. So if you want to really work on this, it is my advice that you do your own research too. Youtube and Google should have lots of tips for you. Good luck!

After going for a terrarium team building session, sometimes it may spark a new found passion for saving our environment or going green. So we are here to share with you ways in which you can creatively utilize the plastic waste around you to its best use. After all, it is boring to just chuck all that plastic inside the recycling bin when you can do so much more with them.

1. Terrarium making DIY

Many objects can be used to substitute for the glass container that is specially made for terrariums. The whole concept of a terrarium, open or closed, does not need a specialized ‘terrarium’ container; any container will do just fine. But let’s face it, who does not want a cool new kickass terrarium for themselves. Used objects such as an old fish tank, or perhaps an old light bulb can be given a breath of new life. Additionally, by using these kinds of unique item, you can be assured your terrarium will not be looking like a generic one, so it is definitely worth the effort you put in it. Basically, don’t dismiss the possibility that it cannot be done because it can be and you will get a really special looking terrarium.

2. Plastic Art Sculpture/Installation

You should definitely go check out Google to see the huge compilation of work done by using only recyclable materials, mostly using plastic bottles. One prominent idea that struck out to me personally is the bottle cap installation. It is pretty simple and neat. Just nail the bottle caps in a to the wall, stick it on in some way that creates a pattern with the colours and then viola, an amazing mural is made. Another unique creation is a bouquet lamp done by cutting out multiple bases of plastic bottles and forming them into a ball, then placing this ball on the top of a light source. And if you happen to run out of time during Christmas, it is also possible to craft out a mini Christmas tree out of a water bottle.

3. Vertical Garden

Is one terrarium really enough for you? If it isn’t you could use plastic bottles to house more plants, and hang outside along the wall and name it the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. A fun fact: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the only Wonder of the World that may have never existed. Technically, this is an open terrarium still, but who cares what it is as long as it looks awesome. And to top it off, for the background of the wall, you could cut out the base of the plastic bottles to make it look like flowers and hang them like a curtain. It would look really great in your completely recycled garden, with real and fake plants complimenting each other’s presence.

These are but just some examples and ideas previous creative geniuses thought of in the past. Do not let these constrict your own creativity, dare to be bold and recycle artistically. Let us all do our part for the environment today!

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