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Types of Terrarium Plants Singapore

Terrarium Plants Singapore

Want to make your own terrarium but not sure where to start? There are many options of terrarium plants for your DIY terrarium Singapore. You can find live plants, artificial plants or mosses at a variety of stores and nurseries. It is important to know the type of environment you would like your terrarium to have before buying any plant. If you want an outdoor-type environment, you will need different types of plants than if you wanted something more tropical or indoor-like. To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of some common Types of Terrarium Plants Singapore.

1) Artillery Fern

Artillery ferns are members of the Pilea family. They have really tiny leaves and shoots their seeds with a popping sound, contributing to its other nickname, “Artillery Fern”, though they are not actually related to ferns. Due to this explosive trait, these plants are easy to grow and can cover many areas, like duckweed.

2) Button Fern

Button fern houseplants are small and low-growing ferns with beautiful, round leaflets. They hail from New Zealand and are not as finicky as most of the other ferns. Despite their slightly bushy top, button ferns remain elegant with the look of their small, round leaves. A perfect trait of button ferns that places them as Terrarium Plants Singapore is that they tolerate drier soil better than other ferns.

3) Carnivorous Plants

Venus Flytrap - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Venus Flytrap

Carnivorous plants can be chosen for an open terrarium setup. Do not put carnivorous plants into closed terrariums as they will not be able to catch their food. The most common carnivorous plants are the Venus Fly Trap or Butterworts. These plants can actually help to catch the unwanted bugs in your room, but it is important to note that you should feed them occasionally as they might end up catching none sometimes.

4) Fittonia Nerve Plant

The Fittonia Nerve plant originates from South America. This plant grows in tropical rainforests, giving it a perpetual evergreen appearance. As a tropical species, the colours of Fittonia Nerve varies from olive green – most common – to silver white and pink. Due to its growth characteristic, of being ground cover under canopies of trees, it prefers indirect light and thrives well under fluorescent lights. In addition to needing little water to sustain itself, the Fittonia plant is one of the many Terrarium Plant Singapore.

5) Peperomia

A common houseplant choice resembling a small rubber plant, Peperomia makes great options because they are low maintenance and help clean the air. They have sturdy stems and soft leaves. Favoured in combination with ferns for their aesthetic appeal, these plants generally need constant damp soil which makes them ideal as Terrarium Plants Singapore.

6) Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant - Terrarium Plants Singapore
Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plants are pretty and fun. This plant seems cheerful as it comes in pink, red, and silver varieties. There are also several spotted, mottled varieties of the plant with purple, white, and darker contrasting colours. Such contrast is stronger than that of other plants, making the polka dot plant pop out more. Because they are native to warm climates, they are rather suitable for Singapore’s weather. You won’t have to worry about overgrowth since they remain relatively small once mature, especially when grown indoors.

7) Succulents

Succulents - Terrarium Plants Singapore

Last but not least are the succulents. Succulents are best suited to living in a terrarium and thrive well in dry climates. This is because they have developed adaptation such as thickened and juicy parts, able to store liquid for their survival. Some of these plants include Aloe Vera and Cacti; both succulent plant varieties are commonly found around many people’s homes or gardens.

Terrarium Plants Singapore

Terrarium Plants Singapore are an excellent way to spruce up your living space with a touch of the outdoors. Terrariums not only provide a great focal point for any room, but they also help clean the air! The plants we’ve mentioned should be easy to maintain once you learn more about them and their needs! If you are interested to take up a terrarium class in Singapore, do check out the different packages we offer for terrarium making.

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