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20 Best Terrarium Singapore Workshops [2024]

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Terrariums have gained immense popularity in Singapore as captivating miniature ecosystems that bring a touch of nature into any space. As the demand for these enchanting botanical creations continues to rise, terrarium workshops have become an ideal platform for individuals to learn the art of terrarium-making and unleash their creativity.

In this article, we have curated a list of the 20 best terrarium workshops in Singapore, encompassing a diverse range of styles and themes. These workshops not only offer an opportunity to experience creative gardening but also provide engaging team-building activities, fun workshops for various occasions, and innovative approaches to celebrating nature’s beauty.

Best Terrarium Singapore Workshops

1) FunEmpire – Terrarium Singapore Workshop

FunEmpire - Terrarium Singapore
FunEmpire – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)

FunEmpire’s Terrarium Singapore Workshop offers an engaging and interactive experience for participants of all ages. Their workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to terrarium-making, covering topics such as plant selection, layering techniques, and maintenance tips. With a focus on team building, FunEmpire incorporates collaborative activities and team challenges into the workshop, making it an ideal choice for corporate team-building events. Participants not only learn the intricacies of creating a thriving terrarium but also foster team spirit and enhance communication skills.

2) Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrarium Workshop Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Terrarium Workshop Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Workshop Singapore)

Terrarium Workshop Singapore specializes in conducting hands-on terrarium workshops for individuals and groups. Led by experienced instructors, their workshops cater to beginners and enthusiasts alike. Participants gain insights into the fundamentals of terrarium-making, including the proper use of materials, plant care, and design aesthetics. The workshop encourages creativity and self-expression, allowing attendees to design terrariums that reflect their personal style. With a focus on providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment, Terrarium Workshop Singapore ensures a memorable and fulfilling experience for all participants.

3) Team Building Activities Singapore – Terrarium Edition

Team Building Activities Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Team Building Activities Singapore)

Team Building Activities Singapore offers a unique twist to traditional team-building events by incorporating terrarium-making into their programs. This workshop aims to foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills among participants while they collaborate to create stunning terrariums. The activity encourages individuals to work together, exchange ideas, and support one another, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. Team Building Activities Singapore – Terrarium Edition provides an innovative and refreshing approach to team building, combining creativity, nature, and cooperation.

4) Fun Workshops Singapore – Terrarium Delights

Fun Workshops Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Fun Workshops Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Fun Workshops Singapore)

Fun Workshops Singapore presents an exciting terrarium workshop known as Terrarium Delights. Ideal for birthday parties, gatherings, or casual get-togethers, this workshop allows participants to bond over the joy of terrarium-making. The instructors guide attendees through the process of designing and assembling their own unique terrariums. With a wide variety of decorative elements available, participants can personalize their creations and take home a memorable keepsake. Fun Workshops Singapore – Terrarium Delights guarantees a fun-filled experience that nurtures creativity and fosters social connections.

5) Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Terrarium Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Singapore)

Terrarium Singapore is a leading provider of hands-on terrarium workshops that offers a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. Designed for individuals of all skill levels, their workshops are perfect for beginners looking to explore the art of terrarium-making or enthusiasts seeking to refine their techniques. With a team of experienced instructors, Terrarium Workshop Singapore is committed to providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create stunning and thriving terrariums.

6) Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Team Building Games Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Team Building Games Singapore)

Team Building Games Singapore is a premier provider of engaging and interactive team-building experiences that are designed to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and strengthen relationships within corporate teams. With a diverse range of games and activities, including the terrarium workshop, tailored to suit different group sizes and objectives, they offer a dynamic and enjoyable way to bring teams together and improve overall team performance.

7) Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Team Building Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Team Building Singapore)

Team Building Singapore offers a unique and innovative approach to team building with their Terrarium Workshop. Combining the elements of creativity, nature, and collaboration, this workshop provides a refreshing and engaging experience for corporate teams seeking to strengthen their bonds and enhance their teamwork skills.

During the Terrarium Workshop, participants are introduced to the art of terrarium-making, where they create their own miniature gardens in glass containers. Led by experienced facilitators, the workshop begins with a brief introduction to terrariums, including the different plant species and materials involved. Participants learn the step-by-step process of constructing a terrarium, from layering soil and indoor plants to carefully arranging the plants and adding decorative elements.

8) Birthday Party Singapore

Birthday Party Singapore - Terrarium Singapore
Birthday Party Singapore – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Birthday Party Singapore)

Birthday Party Singapore offers an unforgettable and nature-inspired celebration with their Terrarium Workshop. This unique party experience combines the joy of birthdays with the creativity of terrarium-making, creating a memorable event for both children and adults alike.

During the Terrarium Workshop, party guests are guided through the process of designing and assembling their very own personalized terrariums. Led by experienced instructors, the workshop provides a fun and interactive environment where participants can unleash their creativity and explore the world of miniature gardens. From selecting the perfect container and layering materials to choosing the right plants and adding decorative elements, every step of terrarium creation is covered.

9) Ohsum Mossum – Enchanting Terrariums

Ohsum Mossum - Terrarium Singapore
Ohsum Mossum – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Ohsum Mossum)

Ohsum Mossum invites participants to experience the enchantment of terrarium-making through their workshop. With a focus on natural and sustainable practices, this workshop emphasizes the use of locally sourced materials and organic elements. Attendees learn about the importance of creating a balanced ecosystem within the terrarium, ensuring the long-term health of the plants or succulent terrarium. Ohsum Mossum’s Enchanting Terrariums workshop offers a holistic approach to terrarium-making, combining environmental consciousness with artistic expression.

10) Make Your Own Terrarium

Make Your Own Terrarium - Terrarium Singapore
Make Your Own Terrarium – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Make Your Own Terrarium)

Make Your Own Terrarium is a workshop that empowers individuals to unleash their creativity and design terrariums according to their own preferences. With a wide range of materials, air plants, and accessories available, participants have the freedom to create terrariums that reflect their unique style and personality. The workshop provides guidance and assistance, ensuring that attendees have the knowledge and tools necessary to bring their vision to life. Make Your Own Terrarium workshop is a perfect choice for those seeking a hands-on experience with complete creative control.

11) Super Farmers – Urban Farming Terrariums

Super Farmers - Terrarium Singapore
Super Farmers – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Super Farmers)

Super Farmers combines the concepts of urban farming and terrarium-making in their workshop, creating a unique learning experience. This workshop explores the integration of edible plants, herbs, and vegetables into terrarium designs, demonstrating how urban dwellers can cultivate their own miniature farms. Participants gain practical knowledge of urban farming techniques, sustainable practices, and plant nutrition, all while creating a visually appealing terrarium. Super Farmers’ Urban Farming Terrariums workshop promotes self-sufficiency and environmental awareness in urban environments.

12) The Green Capsule – Terrarium Artistry

The Green Capsule - Terrarium Singapore
The Green Capsule – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: The Green Capsule)

The Green Capsule specializes in Terrarium Artistry, offering workshops that emphasize the aesthetic aspect of terrarium-making. Participants explore different design techniques, incorporating elements such as natural stones, preserved moss, and miniature figurines to create visually stunning terrarium landscapes. The workshop encourages artistic expression and encourages attendees to think outside the box, resulting in unique and captivating terrarium compositions. The Green Capsule’s Terrarium Artistry workshop promises to unleash the inner artist in every participant.

13) The Tini Green Ones – Miniature Terrariums

The Tini Green Ones - Terrarium Singapore
The Tini Green Ones – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: The Tini Green Ones)

The Tini Green Ones specializes in the art of creating miniature terrariums that fit in the palm of your hand. Their workshop focuses on the intricate details of designing and assembling terrariums on a small scale. Participants learn techniques for working with tiny plants, delicate accessories, and fine substrates. The workshop allows attendees to unleash their creativity within the constraints of a small terrarium, resulting in charming and delicate creations. The Tini Green Ones’ Miniature Terrariums workshop provides a unique perspective on terrarium-making, showcasing the beauty of small-scale botanical art.

14) J2 Terrarium – Nature-Inspired Creations

J2 Terrarium - Terrarium Singapore
J2 Terrarium – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: J2 Terrarium)

J2 Terrarium offers a workshop focused on nature-inspired terrarium creations. Participants are encouraged to draw inspiration from natural landscapes and incorporate elements such as driftwood, stones, and moss to mimic the beauty of the outdoors. The workshop provides insights into design principles, color coordination, and spatial arrangement, allowing attendees to create terrariums that evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility. J2 Terrarium’s Nature-Inspired Creations workshop encourages participants to reconnect with nature and bring its beauty indoors.

15) Crafts For Green – Upcycled Terrariums

Crafts For Green - Terrarium Singapore
Crafts For Green – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Crafts For Green)

Crafts For Green introduces participants to the art of upcycling through their terrarium workshop. This workshop focuses on repurposing everyday objects, such as glass jars, bottles, or teacups, into unique terrarium containers. Attendees learn creative techniques for transforming these items into beautiful and functional terrariums. Crafts For Green promotes eco-consciousness by encouraging the use of recycled materials and fostering a mindset of sustainable crafting. Their Upcycled Terrariums workshop demonstrates that creativity can thrive while being environmentally friendly.

16) InOut Atelier – Terrarium Sculptures

InOut Atelier - Terrarium Singapore
InOut Atelier – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: InOut Atelier)

InOut Atelier offers a workshop that pushes the boundaries of traditional terrarium-making by incorporating sculptural elements. Participants explore the combination of botanical art and sculpture, creating terrariums that are not only visually appealing but also serve as artistic installations. The workshop encourages attendees to experiment with different materials, textures, and forms, resulting in unique and avant-garde terrarium sculptures. InOut Atelier’s Terrarium Sculptures workshop invites participants to think beyond the conventional, merging art and nature in breathtaking ways.

17) Ecoponics – Ecosystem Terrariums

Ecoponics - Terrarium Singapore
Ecoponics – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Ecoponics)

Ecoponics offers an immersive workshop centered around the concept of ecosystem terrariums. Participants delve into the interdependencies between plants, animals, and natural elements within the terrarium, creating a self-sustaining microcosm. The workshop educates attendees on the importance of balance, biodiversity, and ecological harmony within the terrarium. Ecoponics’ Ecosystem Terrariums workshop provides a holistic understanding of nature’s interconnectedness and empowers participants to create sustainable miniature ecosystems.

18) The Green Co. – Terrarium Workshop for Children

The Green Co. - Terrarium Singapore
The Green Co. – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: The Green Co.)

The Green Co. offers a special Terrarium Workshop designed specifically for children. This workshop introduces young participants to the wonders of nature and educates them about the importance of terrarium plants and ecosystems. Children learn to assemble their own terrariums, nurturing a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature. The Green Co.’s Terrarium Workshop for Children promotes environmental awareness and sparks curiosity in the younger generation, inspiring them to become caretakers of the Earth.

19) Love In A Bottle – Terrarium Messages

Love In A Bottle - Terrarium Singapore
Love In A Bottle – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: Love In A Bottle)

Love In A Bottle presents a workshop that adds a sentimental touch to terrarium-making. Participants have the opportunity to create terrariums with personalized messages or dedications. This workshop is ideal for commemorating special occasions, expressing emotions, or conveying heartfelt messages through the beauty of nature. Attendees select meaningful elements, such as miniature scrolls or tiny objects, to accompany their terrariums and enhance the sentimental value of the creation. Love In A Bottle’s Terrarium Messages workshop allows participants to encapsulate their emotions within a timeless terrarium.

20) The Plant Story – Terrarium Masterclass

The Plant Story - Terrarium Singapore
The Plant Story – Terrarium Singapore (Credit: The Plant Story)

The Plant Story offers a Terrarium Masterclass for those seeking a deeper understanding of terrariums and their intricate ecosystems. Led by expert horticulturists, this workshop delves into the science behind terrarium creation, providing insights into plant biology, environmental conditions, and maintenance techniques. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the terrarium’s ecosystem and learn how to create a sustainable and thriving miniature garden. The Plant Story’s Terrarium Masterclass is ideal for enthusiasts who wish to take their terrarium-making skills to the next level.

Terrarium Singapore

Singapore offers a wide array of terrarium workshops that cater to various interests and occasions. Whether it’s a team-building activity, a fun gathering, a birthday celebration, or a personal quest for creativity, these workshops provide opportunities to learn, create, and connect with nature. From team-building terrarium editions to art-inspired workshops, each of the 20 best terrarium workshops in Singapore offers a unique and enriching experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, these workshops will guide you through the process of terrarium-making, allowing you to cultivate your own miniature green haven and experience the joy of nurturing nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about the terrarium workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the terrarium workshops in Singapore below:

Can I customize my terrarium during the workshop?

Absolutely! Terrarium shop and workshops often provide a variety of decorative elements, such as miniature figurines, colored sand, or stones, allowing you to customize your terrarium according to your preferences and style.

Are terrariums difficult to maintain?

Terrariums are generally low-maintenance, making them ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles or limited gardening experience. They require minimal watering and can thrive in indirect light conditions. Terrarium workshops usually provide instructions on how to care for your terrarium and troubleshoot common issues.

Can I bring my terrarium home after the workshop?

Yes, in most terrarium workshops, you will be able to take your terrarium home with you. It serves as a beautiful keepsake and a living reminder of your experience and creativity during the workshop.

How long does a typical terrarium workshop last?

The duration of a terrarium workshop can vary depending on the provider and the complexity of the workshop. Most workshops range from 1.5 to 3 hours, allowing participants ample time to learn, create, and ask questions.

Where can I buy terrarium kits?

Terrarium kits can be purchased at various stores, such as nurseries or flower shops. You can also purchase terrarium kits online from terrarium shops like Lush Glass Door or Mosto Terrarium and terrarium workshops like Terrarium Singapore in Singapore.